Saab Studio Story: Efficiency at Work


Saab Studio Story: Efficiency at Work

One of the great automotive design challenges is reducing drag and improving efficiency while keeping a stylish look. In this latest volume of Studio Stories…
SAAB 9X Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. y is every one so worried about petrol milage? this car is ment to be a
    tribute to the old saabs but to day but if im not mastaken it has a 200Hp
    1.5 or 1.8 something like that?

  2. JohnnyFlash1965 says:

    OK did they mention what L/100km we can expect?

  3. Salad Spinner says:

    We dont’t use the milage system in europe. We use the L/100km system.

  4. Nikolay Gorobets says:

    isn’t it just a concept of a car? so no tech spec will be revealed.
    turboengined saabs always were quite economical: my 9000 aero (1996, 314000
    km) needs 12L/100km. New engines and wide appliance of bio-fuel
    technologies by SAAB will make them more economical, I think. check out new
    9-5, 9-4x and 9-1 SAABs in 2009 and further. No matter that SAABs aren’t
    very good selling, they still have their spirit, their appealance and their
    spark, binding one who has driven that car once to it for ever.

  5. JohnnyFlash1965 says:

    Looks cool but they didn’t say anything about the mileage or powertrain.

  6. Burakhan Kavraz says:


  7. It’s pretty–but when can I buy it? Oh right, never.