Saab Radically Reinvents the Convertible with the 9X Air


Saab Radically Reinvents the Convertible with the 9X Air

Get the complete story of the new Saab concept car at Set to be revealed at the Paris Motorshow on the 2nd October 2008, the 9-X Air conc…
SAAB 9X Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Gene Downs says:

    Thanks mate -

  2. Todd Boden says:

    saab, please divorce GM and regain your identity.

  3. Todd Boden says:

    @USEPARLETRAVAIL – unfortunately I had sold my 2007 Saab 9-3 for a VW GTI a
    month ago even though the 2010 Saab 9-3s were going for $10K OFF MSRP. I
    would like to purchase a new SAAB if it is a compact sporty hatchback with
    great gas mileage.

  4. Gene Downs says:

    I like how they have clipped in the early model @ 1:25 – what year is it ?
    Great Post Thanks.

  5. swizzle92 says:

    They allways bullshit with cool conspet cars then they just take the old
    moddle and changeone fucking line tehy never do anything real out of the
    rad conspet cars..

  6. Front end design is perfect…hope it replaces the current ugly front ends
    of the 9-3 that’s out now.

  7. I am thinking the same.

  8. lasalleoaks says:

    finaly a respectable saab.

  9. chris6770 says:

    A cool looking Saab? Wonders never cease.

  10. BlomqvistBajare says:

    @Turbotrip I think I read about this once, there are small cameras instead
    and the picture is shown inside the car. Sorry for such a late comment :)

  11. PREDATORamdTM says:

    i’m with you lucasboden

  12. Val Ovchinnik says:

    speed doesn’t kill, sudden stopping does that and the car resembles a
    vacuum cleaner.

  13. Hey Mr. Head of Design of GM Europe (or whatever), STFU and bring out that
    car…before you run out of money!!!