Saab Phoenix preshow

SAAB PhoeniX

Saab Phoenix preshow

A quick chat with Victor and Jason before the show (literally, minutes before the PhoeniX was unveiled)
SAAB PhoeniX Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. Gavin Mews says:

    So Jason finished the 9-3 wow imagine that with the head up display and
    iqon along with BMW and the sonnet in the works no wonder nevs has been
    beating a dead horse so long with mahindra now eyeing it to Saab group
    please sell your logo to mahindra nevs this time so at least it will be in
    the hands of a Indian company if you do not trust china using your saab
    logo.With saab knowing in its last year what it wanted to be more than
    brands like Chrysler did or do

  2. Jhonny Nützmann says:

    Saab!!!!! :)

  3. Blob110907 says:

    Nice video Swade. Nice chat with VM and JC. Jesper/hh1b9816

  4. caravaning4 says:

    The court has to accept to protect saab!!

  5. “this is year 2010″