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SAAB 900 review question by Cheryl: How reliable is a 1995 Saab 900 convertible?
I’m thinking of buying one; however, all the reviews on are pretty negative. I test drove it, it runs fine, top works great, and doesn’t leak any fluids. They want 1500.00 U.S. for it. Is this a good car to buy for steady, reliable transportation?

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Answer by Christopher S
No, a Saab is not very reliable, and parts are very expensive. I would advise against buying such a car.

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  1. Sabapathy Paramasivan says:

    Need these skills to drive in Hyderabad!

  2. It´s a Saab 9-3 aero

  3. slepy1212 says:

    I’m impressed of what you do

  4. VtiSabri says:

    I Love This Car…But More Expensıve:(

  5. broadsky says:

    i think they hit at 1:26

  6. TwoWheelWarrior says:

    Drivers were Jack MeHoff and IP Freely of Suckass Town USA.

  7. naireland says:

    love those swedes

  8. spanker289 says:

    my father used to own a 93 converatble it was sweet

  9. SubaruBoy123 says:

    Cool vid what is the name of the song?

  10. moe666nasty says:

    sickest video i seen yet

  11. matheusgu says:

    saab rox

  12. These guys were just trying to drive in a straight line! This video shows
    the consequences of putting the transmission in front of the engine! Bad
    engineers. Ha

  13. ryantheryan1 says:

    SAAB owner here.

  14. reyreydude says:

    those j-turns were cool!

  15. terribletim says:


  16. yea… that was awesome…

  17. boosteds14 says:

    yes u got the right idea bro subaru would run circles around those cars

  18. attackofthemongs says:

    The music is Insomnia by Faithless.

  19. davidt548 says:


  20. GrundlePuncher says:

    AWSOME! amazing driving! looks like fun

  21. saabs rule man. dad had a 87 900s turbo 5 speed, 92 9000 cd griffen
    edition, 94 9000 cde v6, lil bro has a 89 9000 cse turbo 5 speed, i had a
    96 900 v6 5 speed…… all of them run amazing!!!!!!!! im in the market
    for a 91 900 spg

  22. automotoring says:

    Awesome driving! Great Video! I will give 5 rates and im adding it has my
    favorite for your reward.

  23. No, I wouldn’t go for it if I was you. I am not trying to change your decision but I must tell you these things. It is known that SAAB has stopped making cars. Service is lousy as SAAB’s golden days are back in the day. SAAB started making War Planes but are currently taking care of them. I would say SAAB cars are very safe, but still depends what you want to use them for. For regular drive, it`s ok. 1500.00 is a killer price but again if it is used, I would be fine if it is ok in Specs. In the topic of Reliability, I would say NO. The outer rim of the car is REALLY skinny, basic suspension is very close to the ground making it very dangerous to drive with. Again, don`t trust random reviews. They may be lazy people who hate the car from the outside. Find accurate and trusted sites. So with the info I have given you, I think you should be able to say no, as it is recommended. But, I will not change your will. If you still think it is a good idea, no one in the world can stop you. So go ahead and make your choice

  24. saab have problems , yes .. But that is nice car for 1500 if it currently runnning great. I usually say no to buying old saab because the cost to repair… But it is a gamble ,, it could go another 3 years or just 6 months before you have a major expence.. if you are lucky it could be 2 or 3 years.
    $ 1500 is not a lot of money . So if breaks and repairs cost a lot of money, you sell the car to a junk yard or someone that wants it for parts for $ 500. If you do buy it , just drive it gentle and hot rod it. Could last a long time If you just drive it locally and not 500 miles a week . What is the worst that could happen ? I breaks and you sell it for scrap. Not spend $ 1000 or 1500 to repair it.