Saab Arctic Adventure 9-3x


Saab Arctic Adventure 9-3x

Saab Performance Team in northern Sweden and the Saab 9-3x on snow.
SAAB 9-3X Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Aliaksandr Trush says:


  2. thebiggestchode says:

    Before I totaled my saab 9-3 aero I felt like I was on top of the world!
    Truely an amazing car!

  3. MattySP34Ks says:

    if i ever get £100…im gonna buy a fourth hand 900 turbo =D i dont care if
    its a rust bucket, I ADORE THEM

  4. @sludged08 my 93 has nice sound system…i just put base in the back and
    its amazing..the stock its pioneer and it was nice when i both it but now
    its better with the base in the back

  5. jrodigan5 says:

    They have Bose and Harmon/Kardon. Those are very good. If you meant stereo
    when you said “stereoa”

  6. trilingualkid says:

    @SleepyMongoose i would think otherwise, if anything saab be better at
    acceleration as Subaru and Mitsubishi are at the top of their game as far
    as AWD and handling goes.

  7. eurovictor says:

    What’s with the Chevy Trailblazer closer to the end of the vid?!

  8. NutellaBC says:

    Long live Saab, coolest car ever !

  9. Niklas Odersjö says:

    Se och lär Volvo hur kul man kan ha om det förbannade antissladdsystemet
    gick att koppla ur !!

  10. are those suppose to be all wheel drive???

  11. Freshbott2 says:

    You could go to some of the mountains. My brother said it was snowing like
    crazy somewhere near Canberra.

  12. lol, you don´t need to hump the cars so badly!

  13. sludged08 says:

    agreed with the sound system comments, it does suck a little, but most of
    the time i dont have it running, i love listening to the engine.

  14. r.i.p. saab

  15. tlracing53 says:

    What’s the name of this song?

  16. 6 People will die from a car accident with their Huyndai…

  17. Carlos Huertas says:

    i own a 2.0t 9 3 2004 saab and it has 170thou k and still runs like when it
    was new can’t go wrong with this car and i love the shifting and u can’t
    feel the turbo lag, my next purchase i hope is a new fully loaded 9 3 AERO

  18. trilingualkid says:

    question is how are they compare to mitsubishi or subaru on snow?