Saab 9X Air Premieres @ Paris Auto Show


Saab 9X Air Premieres @ Paris Auto Show

FOR SAAB AND MORE AT 2008 PARIS AUTO SHOW: www.insideline,com PARIS — Saab has come up with the convertible showstopper at the 2008 Paris Auto Show in the fo…
SAAB 9X Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. The question should be more like this, “Will this make it to the streets?”

  2. illmagnified says:

    Cars are getting ridiculous…i love it.

  3. Steven Chen says:

    Seems like all cars are turbocharged nowadays…

  4. the front looks like a mix of kia forte (2009) and toyota camry as the
    front is damn smooth and the eyes (headlights) look like forte…

  5. Redmond Walmuk says:

    Will this make it to the showroom??

  6. franfred11 says:

    this is the best car there this year ( i went there) just after that new
    £1,000,000 maybach.

  7. jpbalkenende says:

    Great concept.. Hopes it will do well.

  8. Patrick Zepeda says:

    thats a good thing

  9. well we had to wait a few decades, but now saab has a car that is not ugly.