Saab 92x Review!- The Hidden Subaru?

SAAB 9-2x Aero Vs

Saab 92x Review!- The Hidden Subaru?

For today’s review, we hop in Daniel’s Saab 92x. It is defientely one of those cars that feels very familiar- as it should for many reasons. Huge thanks to Daniel for letting me drive and as…
SAAB 9-2x aero vs Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ThatDudeinBlue says:

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Michigan Dashcam says:

    There is a reason this is called a Saabaru, it’s an Impreza with leather

  3. MrGovenator1 says:

    Who actually hates wagons?

  4. Fruit Sale says:

    YES. I hope you get the chance to review more Saabs, A few of them are
    really interesting.

  5. ThatDudeinBlue says:
  6. Daniel Kammerer says:

    I want an Aero version really badly. Saab took what was a fundamentally not
    great looking car and actually made it handsome. Not to mention the better
    steering rack.

  7. TheBlindAndDeaf says:

    David, what is your opinion on potatoes?

  8. HJ Farooqi says:

    I was never a fan of Swedish cars, but that’s probably because I don’t
    anything about them, but I always think of Seinfeld when I think of Saab
    and I think this 9-2X is better looking than the WRX Wagon considering I
    prefer the Sedan over the Wagon. This car must be fun to drive, sadly, GM
    fucked up Saab and the brand is no longer in production (thanks a lot,
    Obama), but at least we still have Volvo.

  9. Alex Smith says:

    Well Saab owns Subaru so yeah, same chassis, same engine, same drivetrain
    etc. Anywho, this is a great import. Subarus are always good performing
    car and the wagons are one of the few that I like. This car is too stock
    though. It will look sick with some basic mods. Lower it, nice Enkeis, bolt
    ons and a front lip will really make this car pop. Great platform to build
    up on.

  10. Chaz Gunther says:

    The front could use a little more low in my opinion. There’s a noticeably
    larger wheel gap in the front than in the rear.

  11. Objekter says:

    Hey +ThatDudeinBlue , I hope you get the chance to get behind the wheel of
    another Saab sometime! So many choices.. Could test a Viggen, or maybe a
    9-3 Aero or TX. Or 9-5 Aero…Or maybe old school, 9000, 900, or a 99 or
    somethin’ ! I own an ’06 9-5 2.3T, w/ a few mods and a ’93 900 Turbo
    convertible and I dearly love both cars. Saab enthusiasts are a good bunch
    of folks. Hit up Saab Owners North America’s Facebook page and ask around;
    I’m sure someone near you would love to have their car featured! – 

  12. Andrew Mueller says:

    I just wish they made a sedan version of this :( 

  13. dylan winwood says:

    did the USA get stagea’s ?

  14. Jack Matthews says:

    Ya killed it

  15. CapitanCanadia says:

    did he just say 230 awhp?

  16. sgt pAndAjAm says:

    Glad you lost your SAAB virginity, pity it was to a GM SAAB. Try find a guy
    with either a 99 turbo or a 900 AERO/spg much much more special feeling
    when you drive one. The’re essentially the first average mans turbocharged
    cars, we wouldn’t of had evo’s and STI’s in the early 90′s unless SAAB did
    it first in the 70′s and 80′s.

  17. Thats awsome even thought I live in Sweden and I see Saabs on a regular
    bases I have not seen this Saab, keep up the great work David.

  18. Justin Key says:

    Thanks for the video. I have always wanted to see a review on one of
    these. As an owner of both a Saab (02 9-5 Wagon) and a Subaru (06 STI) I
    always thought it would be fun to own one of these too. Saab and Subaru
    are two of the most oddball manufacturers and this team up was awesome.

  19. joshua de backer says:

    they don’t sell the car here in belgium is there a reason for that?

  20. MCMonsterbuilder says:

    It really looks like a Subaru, never noticed that.

  21. youran1 says:

    I was shocked when i saw this video. Good decision from saab not to sell
    this in europe. It would have made them go bankrupt even sooner. #hideous

  22. For those who were interested in seeing an update on the car after its new
    engine, it is finally here!