Saab 92H Motorhome


Saab 92H Motorhome

Pics and movie clips of the only two vintage SAAB Rv´s (motorhomes) ever built. Passing the two on the way to Ramsele car show. The red one is “little brothe…
SAAB 92 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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SAAB 92 question by picklejewce: Should I buy this used Saab?
Should I buy a used 2004 Saab 9-3 Linear? It has 92,255 miles on it and appears to be in excellent condition. The asking price is $ 6,995.

Im going to be a college freshman in the fall and will need this car to commute to school each day, so it will mostly be a highway car.

SAAB 92 best answer:

Answer by mccoyblues
Saabs suuck

They went broke for a reason

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  1. LEGO Motorized RC Creations says:

    That’s more unique than the citroen HY!

  2. Lars Tungen says:

    THAT is not a home!

  3. algarragonz says:

    Big shit

  4. Johnny Five says:

    I like how there’s no visible fender wells. It’s like they took a basic
    trailer, and shoved a motor under it. A Saab motor!

  5. steven doyle says:

    one of those rigs thats so ulgy and strange that it’s cool..i lilke it
    alot,glad it was rescued.

  6. TheMiniStephens . says:

    awesome things

  7. Finz519 Explorer says:

    I have one like that but I put my lawn mower in it.

  8. Oh, so there are only 2???

  9. KapteinOpel says:

    By coincidence the blue and creme one has the exact same color scheme as
    the old “Molde Bilruter” buses from Molde, Norway…

  10. Kount Five says:

    J Clarkson would love one of those !

  11. i was molested in one of these.

  12. Jättefint !

  13. Imagine an exhaust leak in that xD

  14. Lucas Ericsson says:

    En husbil med motor! Varför pratar alla engelska när ni är ifrån sverige?

  15. fromsuncity1 says:

    slow down!

  16. tomaya64 says:

    1.price ..for the ugliest piece o shit in the universe !

  17. bratattack5 says:

    That is fabulous. Mental. Extreme. Strange. But fabulous. Really like that.

  18. deamoneater357 says:

    I think that is the most fugly vehicle I have ever seen. I want one!

  19. JoNniixD says:

    Looks like a ghost car

  20. Saab, which was discontinued in 2009, has one of the worst overall scores of any make–reliability and quality being it’s too main weak points. I would not buy a 7-year old Saab with 92K miles–I wouldn’t buy any Saab. Perhaps you should look at comparable vehicles from competitors with higher scores. I suggest these:
    Ford Focus
    Honda Civic
    Toyota Corolla
    Good luck!