SAAB 92 XP on the dyno


SAAB 92 XP on the dyno

My 92 racer on the dyno for the 2006 season. Now I have a few more hp :-)
SAAB 92 Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. gtr500able says:

    it sounds like its higher rev but think thats cuz the 2 stroke engine

  2. McLarenMercedes says:

    @AcaAllertor127 The Citroen 2CV was designed before WW2 as a very cheap car
    for French peasants. The war delayed its release to the public until 1948.
    The 1950′s Lloyd LP300 had 10hp and the Isetta (often called BMW Isetta)
    had 8hp. Btw, only the first 2CV’s had a 9hp engine. By the 60′s the power
    was 28hp (tripled) and by 1970 it had 33hp, which in such a light car was
    usable in city traffic. It was always an economy car, still James Bond
    drove one in “For Your Eyes Only”.

  3. XPNiklas says:

    Hi Maximum rpm is about 6500 as it is tuned now but I have a new exhaust
    design for this season that will lift the engine about 500 rpm. I have new
    rods now so I do not know the lipit. I broke an original rod at 6000 rpm
    pasing a Pointiac trans AM that was blocking my whay but it was almost
    worth it ;-)

  4. MegaZsolti says:

    That’s not bad for a little 2-cylinder.

  5. XPNiklas says:

    It is my 92 yes, My 93 is not ready yet ;-) Nice to hear about your

  6. Keijz74 says:

    Nice & Spicy, getting more power from the old girl. :o )#

  7. andjack says:

    @RastafariPoet 50 years old? Saab 92 has won lots of rally against much
    stronger cars, like Monte Carlo etc… And the sound at a rally trac is

  8. Donald Hasty says:

    these things seem dumb to me… they make them with such small engines, its
    be cool if they made a 150-200bhp 2 stroke cause it would actually be
    competable with other cars

  9. bmxty82 says:

    how much hp..whats it run on a1/4 mile…whats the top speed???

  10. Dynamighteee says:

    Thats lovely music

  11. bazookatim says:

    haha fränt

  12. andjack says:

    @jb0177 your lawnmover has not won Monte Carlo Rally and isn’t about 50
    years old. Saab 92 has…

  13. slooter3 says:

    thats so cool-when can i see more of your car?

  14. Cody Globig says:

    65 out of a 92! very impressive! -Cody

  15. campingkillen says:

    To all the “stupid little car” commenters… 1955 was the last year this
    particular model was produced, it was also the first year of the now famous
    small block Chevy. Please notice the figures of this Saab are real hp, not
    the SAE norm! If You bought a Chevy in -55, the “265″ gave You 162 hp SAE
    (Like 130 real hp). If souped up like this Saab, it would have been about
    345 real hp! Let´s say about 400 hp! Very few of these early chevys ever
    produced such power!

  16. shel bot says:

    is that not rpms beside the hp?

  17. tpvalley says:

    Its a tuned engine, I can almost guarantee that it will have an electronic
    ignition fitted, these often have programmeble rpm limiters; I hope u
    learned from this pleasant exchange of opinion u fucking abnoxious,
    ignorant prick. The question was to establish whether it was a jeting
    problem etc or not; get an education before u try and act more clever than
    u r.

  18. leneanderthalien says:

    Powerfullest 2cv had 29HP DIN (602cc engine) never more , and it’s a 4
    stroke not a two stroke like the Saab The Ami 8 use a 32HP improved 602cc,
    and the Visa and LNA a 652cc 34.5HP (first 36hp), but it’s a more modern
    engine with aluminium /nicasil coated cylinders and electronic ignition
    (possible to install in a 2cv with light mods) The 2cv use in the Bond is a
    special 2cv with Ami 8 super chassis (who use in serial a 1015cc flat four
    53.5HP), but fitted with 1300cc flat four GS engine (65HP)

  19. tpvalley says:

    I think they have less than 8:1 if its the 2 stroke, quite low, u may have
    more power aswell! But they r reliable old engines, some snowmobiles have
    twin cylinder 2 strokes with 2 into 1 manifold and one expansion chamber!
    Wierd eh? These use a kind of funny box thing I think? I am no expert

  20. slooter3 says:

    whats the maximum rpm? and whats the highest u can rev her before she blows?

  21. thegenrl says:

    i enjoy the creepy stare from 0:42 – 0:47 LOL

  22. Gökçe KURT says:

    These engines are quite low on rpm values. In stock, these engine produces
    25hp at 3800rpm. 250R compresses about 6.5:1 (from bore-stroke calculation)
    and produces 38hp to crank (at about 8000rpm) -in stock- In two stroke
    gasoline engines it is all about revving the engine. There are some rare
    turbo applications to engines, too. (Such as 40hp 150cc Turbo Vespa) Maybe
    an old saab with that high revs as your cycle, it might produce about 100HP
    If she could reach..