SAAB 92 Project driving


SAAB 92 Project driving

First test driving of my “new” SAAB 92 two stroke, after 30years parking.
SAAB 92 Video Rating: 4 / 5

Click here for more information about SAAB 92 auto repair.

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  1. KlantErik says:

    Saab isn’t from Germany!

  2. Pekka Perkiö says:

    RIP SAAB: 1937-2009

  3. aennegieelleo says:

    2099: Saab flies away . . . RIP

  4. Swedish car quality! And 96ers rules!

  5. En Riktig Klassiker!

  6. Pekka Perkiö says:

    I know that. SAAB rules again with Spyker cars, thats really good

  7. 12valvepower1 says:

    the insanity test

  8. hjalmeeen1 says:

    and soo does you…

  9. lummoxedup says:

    Don’t paint it, it’s perfect!!!!!

  10. Skulle vara skoj att äga en äkta två-taktare igen. Som 14-åring var en SAAB
    av -62 års modell min första bil

  11. Sounds nice.

  12. Sweet little old girl. :o ) Did you have to fix a lot and is she in good
    shape? She really is C U T E to me. Drive her, that’s what she is made for.
    And enjoy the ride.

  13. ConfusedArt says:

    @swed42 Saab is still in business and it looks like they are doing it
    differently. Check it out.

  14. What year is the beauty in this video? I drove a 1959 93B in college near

  15. willeishere says:

    I love that car…

  16. Svensk kvalité!