Saab 9000 turbo 1 3 bar, very quick acceleration!

SAAB 9000

Saab 9000 turbo 1 3 bar, very quick acceleration!

a “wtf” moment ;-)
SAAB 9000 Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Teh Webbeh says:

    Well, you’re idiotic for two reason : 1. the car isn’t made to support such
    you just made your engine 20000km older in 2 minutes.

  2. worldofmp3 says:

    @andrewjones1977 because I didn`t… I haven`t videotaped it ;)

  3. tyler deel says:

    Over boost?

  4. 7mgtesup1 says:

    Not my idea of very quick, more like brisk.

  5. brapboys503 says:

    @Larsson89swe If you hit a patch of ice, the engine will spin faster
    through the transmission and tires, it would go past 4k RPM (which is about
    where the boost controller is set on this car) boost like crazy, and if you
    et off too quick, you’ll fly into the other ditch. I’ve had boosted FWD
    cars that were actually set up for the mountain that I LIVE ON, and am a
    very good rally driver, yet too much boost in the snow just sucks. AWD owns.

  6. REDxFROG says:

    @TheTomzor Video or it didn’t happen

  7. brapboys503 says:

    @Larsson89swe Bullshit, a car this fast would be impossible to drive in the
    winter time, unless it was AWD with deep treaded knobby tires. It’s a
    matter of physics, not which country built it.

  8. Larsson89swe says:

    @brapboys503 Those cars are built in Sweden, here we have winter about 6
    months a year, so yeah.. np driving it in wintertime.

  9. Chris Hottah says:

    Is this fast?

  10. Viper RKO says:

    i can’t believe!

  11. brapboys503 says:

    @Larsson89swe It’s still a heavy, long-wheelbase four door saloon, and
    would probably be seen no problem on snowy roads by a FWD turbo Subaru
    Justy. Just saying, there’s better winter cars out there. And honestly,
    these aren’t the fastest cars out there, either.

  12. worldofmp3 says:

    @andrewjones1977 yes but who said it is my car?

  13. superford500 says:

    mine is even faster:P and i have a video! 1500 HP!

  14. Bryan Flick says:

    Hahah. I just now noticed that your speedo is Km/h. Whew. I didn’t know how
    you had your 2.3 going near 200mph for a second there.

  15. Jan Sømoen says:

    loool nope…diddn”t happen…looooool ok my 9-5 2 l 1999 automat is
    faster…but i have 300 hp …real hp :) by the way..i have driven 5-6 saab
    9000 the last 16 years….my badest saab had only 270 hp…my best had 495
    hp…sweedish at the best loool :)

  16. worldofmp3 says:

    @andrewjones1977 yeah, I bet YOUR car is faster ROFL

  17. thepaulmac100 says:

    did you just tweek the standard turbo or is it an after market turbo ?????
    larsson they might be heavy but eat a lot of cars in the dry

  18. Tom Ivarsson says:

    No problem driving that inte the winter, it’s mostly about how you drive
    it. Sure the tires are just going to spin if you floor it, but you just
    don’t. A good set of winter tires and your good to go : ) But sure, AWD is
    always to prefer inte the winter.

  19. Charlie Halvarsson says:

    @snqmann Original they have 0.3 – 0.4 bar..

  20. REDxFROG says:

    Try tuning cars for real instead of faking videos like a basement nerd. o_o

  21. aurissan says:

    Good overboost! nice ;)

  22. RonnieAero says:

    @andrewjones1977 Haha.Do you have it in forza 3?:DCmon,you have loads of
    videos of your awesome videogames,but none of your 4 second vx220?.Yeah
    right…If you really have the car,id like to see some videos.

  23. euroaaRON1 says:

    my 9-5 aero (auto) had winter mode where it locked the gearbox into 3rd
    gear from a start so it would lessen the chance of wheelspin on ice or
    snow. it worked well and my 9-5 was a freakin tank in the snow. i live in
    western pa where we get lots of snow every winter. i now drive an STi
    subaru and of course awd is great for traction but when it comes down to it
    its all about drivers skill. awd doesnt mean your car will stop well
    because frankly my subaru absolutly BLOWS with braking on snow

  24. Tom Ivarsson says:

    Putting the new gearbox in on saturday, ill have a video in a couple of
    weeks : )