Saab 900 turbo 16 spg burnout

SAAB 900 Burnout

Saab 900 turbo 16 spg burnout

Saab 900 turbo 16 spg burnout.
SAAB 900 burnout Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. akmjolnir says:

    Judging by the sound and the smoke its been modded pretty heavily. That
    smoke isn’t always bad, just means he’s getting plenty of fuel WOT… keeps
    the A/F mixture safe. And changing a gearbox on a c900 is probably easier
    than any other car. Not that it’s all that fun. (Reminds me of what I have
    to do this spring.) Probably my favorite youtube vid.

  2. jakep2007 says:

    that was ILL!!!!! verrrry nice way better than mine haha (view my vid)

  3. Davidsasuk says:

    sounds pretty beasty that motor,surely cant be standard.

  4. Nigman8000 says:

    @WillsMP92 I believe the phrase “you’re a douche” comes to mind

  5. WillsMP92 says:

    Wheelspin on a front wheel drive car?! The phrase ‘get a life’ comes to mind

  6. drwatson32bit says:

    @WillsMP92 Hating on fwd is such an old geezer thing.

  7. ppappixx says:


  8. kozigreek says:

    lmfao, good call hahahaaaaaaaa

  9. Energonorama says:

    err.. I concur.

  10. lee88614 says:

    sounds like a beast!!

  11. delabresse says:

    N’importe quoi.

  12. MrEmCom says:

    Det där var fan coolt :D

  13. Nik Canning says:

    spend less time abusing it and more time maintaining it judging by the
    black smoke at WOT!

  14. Niklas Bergsten says:

    @WillsMP92 How about you post a vid of you doing it better? Oh right, you
    probably don’t even own a car…

  15. NPS Lewis says:

    grymt! kärsön. när har dom SAAB träffar där?