Saab 9-7x Aero Concept ( DUB )


Saab 9-7x Aero Concept ( DUB )

The Saab Concept 97x Aero by DUB presented by Saab of Tampa.
SAAB 9-7X Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. levimsherman says:

    I hate how people have to waste their money on a luxury suv pimping it out
    it makes me sick.

  2. tatudmarine says:

    Only aeros come with the ls2… Check out my channel or ls2aero search and u can see me racing mine… Im stockish but still fastest in
    world right now..

  3. Dirty30LS1 says:

    @ansettnz100 yes, search “dash kits”

  4. ansettnz100 says:

    Can you buy the black surround around the stereo system to replace the wood?

  5. aHIGHasian says:

    lol, for the very few that will ever see this video and read comments. i
    just found out that this suv comes with the famous LS2 found in 05-07

  6. 1998raxisx1998 says:

    This is not a saab, they’re not even made her in sweden

  7. RandomShow585 says:

    It hurts to see it. The SUV of a lifetime ruined into some piece of metal,
    although Aircrafts were made of Steel.