SAAB 9-5 OG cabin filter replacement

SAAB 9-5 Fuel Filter

SAAB 9-5 OG cabin filter replacement

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SAAB 9-5 fuel filter question by : where the f#%$ is the fuel filter in a 1999 saab 9-5, 2.3??!?
i spent a couple of hours looking for it, and didn’t find it!! and we’re talking about saab’s here so it could be under the spare tyre WHO KNOWS!! i bought this car a week ago it has 135,000 on it! if you could give me any advices on how to take care of the car to make it last another 135,000 i would really appreciate it. some people told me that its better to use sythetic oil on this cars and do the oil changes before the 3000 miles. i also heard that the oil filter of the 2003 pt cruiser turbo fits in this saab and it’s 2 inches longer so it filters better the oil protecting it from the sludge or somthing like that!. i know these cars are kinda expensive to fix so i wanna avoid breaking it!

SAAB 9-5 fuel filter best answer:

Answer by EMM
The fuel filter is on the passenger side of the car, slightly forward of the rear tire, between the gas tank and the body of the car. There may be a cover over it that is held on by a nylon tie strap. If you remove the cover you can access the filter. The front banjo bolt takes a 17mm wrench and the back banjo bolt a 19mm wrench.

The best thing tou can do for your car is to change the oil regularly. You can use either full synthetic or semi-synthetic oil, these engines are prone to oil sludge if the oil isn’t changed. You don’t have to use a different oil filter, just change the oil.

At this mileage, i would also check the plugs, air filter, replace the trans. fluid, replace the brake fluid, and make sure that the timing chain isn’t making a lot of noise.

You may also find that a fuel injection cleaning service and a decarbonization of the intake system will improve your gas mileage and give you a smoother idle.

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