Saab 9-5 climate control repairs

SAAB 9-5 Blend Door Repair

Saab 9-5 climate control repairs

My repair of the dual zone climate control system, where one side was stuck on heater only. I used the on-board diagnostics to identify problems. Both sides …
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  1. Did you have any pictures of the driver’s side of the heater box? It
    appears that the stepper motor feeds through this new parts? Thanks,

  2. Excellent work.
    I was selling it for some time now but was not sure how to fit !!!!

  3. Lee-annmarie Sapountzis says:

    very well explained great camera work great job!

  4. I just want to see how did you open the dashboard..

  5. Bryant Graves says:

    Anyone know how to switch a 99 9-5 from ac to heat manually.

  6. romazaki84 says:

    Thank you very much! This video was enough helpfull.

  7. leigh husker says:


  8. johnstonb says:

    Thanks, I believe there are other manufacturers that do have on-board
    diagnostics for the climate control, especially if they have “automatic”
    controls like this car. It automatically defrosts the windshield, blows the
    upper/lower vents, and especially, switches between heating and cooling.

  9. Lorin Bentea says:

    Good bless you Sir ! I was able to fix my car after I was watching your
    video. I was surprise to see that I head the exact problems that you posted
    on this video. I’m really thankful for your effort and for the few people
    that post all kinds of issues and how to fix it. Keep up the good work !
    Thanks again for saving me a few hundreds or even a thousand I dollars for
    this problems.

  10. Awesome instructions,

  11. My car is having the 08 and 10 codes. I really am glad you posted this
    video. Any guess as to what the the 10 designation means vs the 11? Thanks!

  12. leigh husker says:

    how much is that lever run on the saab site??? i would think that this is a
    common enough problem, that to have a replacement made, it would be
    profitable to fabricate and sell…

  13. Awesome instructions, had the exact same problem. Fixed in no time, thnx!

  14. jony garcia says:

    you know that they mean the codes 13 and 8. please

  15. fredintheshed1 says:

    Great video, very clear. Even though i do not own a saab iam sure you have
    helped some people. I love the built in Dia feature in the dash.