SAAB 9-3 2.8T Aero magnaflow exhaust note.MOV


SAAB 9-3 2.8T Aero magnaflow exhaust note.MOV

SAAB 9-3 Aero – Magnaflow exhaust & Custom intake. The mic. on the camera is sensitive, so the sound is exaggerated a bit.
SAAB Aero X Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. 2:45 Sounds like Saab really is born from jets.

  2. y does ur lock / unlock have a horn chirp to it?

  3. custom…somewhat. 2 cans and separate tips.

  4. 30joelrodriguez says:

    i would do so many things for this car


    Thanks for posting this, sounds nice ! Beautiful Aero man, the LP9 V6Turbo
    rocks !!!!! One of the most underrated cars.

  6. So what all do you have done to the exhaust?

  7. What did you black out the grill with and rims?

  8. Tyler Marter says:

    love that turbo v6 sound.

  9. maverick223 says:

    how loud is the exhaust sound compared to stock? sounds beastly from the

  10. coveyuofm15 says:

    Love the car, it looks and sounds amazing. Good work!!

  11. Chris McKone says:

    sweet car, i’ve got the 2006 aero sport combi and have been thinking about
    a CAI. But since the factory system is already kind of a CAI would adding a
    cone filter have any real performance gains?

  12. kamilpolniak says:

    typical with the aeros, the license plate bulbs always out or not
    connecting right

  13. Original 17 rims Black painted ??

  14. Alexander Collier says:

    how did you smoke your taillights like that? thats exactly what i want to

  15. Ghassan al-harbi says:

    how in earth did you get that magnaflow !!!!! i searched the whole world
    and didn’t find it !! it has to be custom made !! is it !???????

  16. No preformance gains that I can notice, car is VTuned. I just like the
    sound of the intake.

  17. Carfreak1177 says:

    Sweet car, I have a big ass intake on my 98′ 900 turbo and it puts off the
    wooooshh noise from the turbo too I love it :)

  18. not familar with these, but there are several 6 speeds around selling for a
    good price and i love V6 turbos! What kind of increase did the car get with
    a tune?

  19. SwissGuitarStarter says:

    was that an A-10 passing by?