saab 2000 9-5 aero middle muffler removed

SAAB 9-3 Muffler Delete

saab 2000 9-5 aero middle muffler removed

listen to exhaust sound without middle muffler.
SAAB 9-3 muffler delete Video Rating: 4 / 5

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SAAB 9-3 muffler delete question by Kris: Will a resonator delete cause any problems on a 2003 saab 9-3 arc?
any check engine lights?
limp mode?
will the life of the engine get shorter?

SAAB 9-3 muffler delete best answer:

Answer by Frank
At first unquestionably, you must select any assorted problems

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  1. sounds good

  2. Sebastian Lopuszynski says:

    i went to midas to get an estimate, he said about $50 but then he told me
    not to do it cuz the turbo needs more back pressure? i duno, are you having
    any difficulties?

  3. hockeyman70s says:

    so im thinking of doing this to mine, what size pipe did you use? also in
    person, does it sound to ricey? Thanks

  4. Carfreak1177 says:

    Is this the middle muffler meaning resanator? because I want to replace
    mine with a piece of pipe, I have a 98″ 900 turbo

  5. henryseekins says:

    its called a resonator. i just got pulled over for excesive exhause niose
    and he fined me $137. but if i get it tested and its under 95db i win and
    dont pay a thing. he forgot to tell me i could do this ;) i live in maine

  6. Anthony Feliciano says:

    i just got back from the exhaust place about an hour ago, i have a leak in
    my flex pipe so im going to straight pipe from the flex to rear muffler,
    removing the mid, the guy told me that it will only make it louder, no
    damage will be done and the car will still pass emissions (:

  7. mazdarati220 says:

    Agreed says a new 2002 9-5 Aero owner ;) lol

  8. Eram Live Band says:

    I went to midas, and they charged me for labor and part for 100 bucks, do
    you think it was a good deal or not!

  9. aeronaut95aero says:

    no problems at all. the turbo works fine and back pressure is not an issue.
    remember that they make 3″ free flow exhaust systems for these cars. taking
    the resonator off is minor compared to those systems.

  10. njakubens13 says:

    back pressure will cause the turbo to get caught up. if you put more flow
    through the exhaust, the turbo will spin easier.

  11. Renato Piereck says:

    Sounds a lot like my ’95 900 SE Turbo with the SAAB Sport exhaust.

  12. murphy2kay says:

    i want to do that too. now i know how it sounds : ) THx for the vid!

  13. aeronaut95aero says:

    no problems cosma, they are just the best kept secret on the road.

  14. matt01236 says:

    and by the way my dad put a 3″ pipe in

  15. Eram Live Band says:

    my resonator got a problem and I either need to change it or remove it same
    as you, but can you tell me where did you get the straight pipe and the
    installation was easy or not. Thanks.

  16. itunesaabs says:

    so sick mane. im getting this done tommorow. cant wait!! my only concern is
    if it gets drony while at highway speeds? you had any problems with this?

  17. Theman Withcrabs says:

    I have a 2000 aero that is straight piped. cut both middle and rear muffler
    off and swapped the cat for a magnaflow high spun. sounds great no loss of
    turbo if anything gained some. also has 2.5inch pipes and a dual tip.

  18. Rafflersauce says:

    opposite of that pal turbos flow much better with less backpressure
    resulting in more power

  19. You will change the back pressure in the exhaust system. This can effect the oxygen sensors operation, the combustion detection system, the secondary air injection system, and possibly other systems. Any change in these can cause a check engine light and effect engine performance.