Mustang RTR, Saab BMW Partnership, VW Jetta leak- 6/15/10


Mustang RTR, Saab BMW Partnership, VW Jetta leak- 6/15/10

Vaugh Gitten Jr releases a new performance package for the 2011 Ford Mustang, its called the Mustang RTR. Also, BMW and Saab look to partner on a new upcomin…
SAAB 92 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Kittrus The Rogue says:

    If a mother fucker hit my car with 26 inch rims I would of kicked that
    bitches ass.

  2. Nihal Naik says:

    Hey DD what happened to the pontiac solstice you bough a while ago?

  3. wrfilmshd says:

    @StreetKingEvolution Everybody has their bad days, it was probably his bad
    day… well, very bad day… for DD and the other dude. But still, it is
    bullshit and he shouldn’t have been driving. No. I take that back, that guy
    really is a douchebag. Driving an Escalade… AND hitting a parked car, I
    almost feel sorry for him.

  4. johnjdr33 says:

    get a vw golf

  5. Dominic Guo says:

    Derek! You should get a Mazdaspeed3. :D

  6. DD roll in the RTR!

  7. lovinitson says:

    what u get for making fun of a x3

  8. Nick Butler says:

    ya get another cc that one was beautiful

  9. MoparTurbo05 says:

    @EDRAGON20 corvettes are overrated? lol sure….they compete in the same
    class as cars that cost twice as much as they do, I would say they are
    anything but overrated

  10. He looks so much like Jesse James.

  11. Damien K says:

    @RaNdY04gt HAHAHA

  12. VicarOpusDei says:

    good God those Aholes are just like pooping pigeons after you wash your
    car, you just want to stick your foot up their asses and leave your side 12
    in there!

  13. LOLHICRONO says:

    that “mini saab” is fkin ugly

  14. radioclown85 says:

    D, get a ferrari 250 gto swb we are trying to sell one i san franando vally
    CA. plz