LED Install On Saab 9-3

SAAB 9-3 Led Lights

LED Install On Saab 9-3

A run through on how to install LEDs on a Saab so that there is no strobing when the car is on and the lights are off.
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  1. XxiconicalxX says:

    know just pull either of the 40 amp fuses in the trunks fuse box and put
    your positive wire for the sub there and ground it there wont be any sparks
    and you will have all the power you need the fuse wont blow either but if
    you turn the bass up ridiculously and have no capacitor you will have
    headlights that kinda dim when the bass hits not to much though . this wont
    effect the hid system unless your sub isn’t grounded correctly all head
    light grounds are on the battery’s side of the engine 2 under one under
    that fender good hunting saab owners I have hids on my o4 im in the process
    of blacking mine out I need to the door handles and then I am finished this
    guys Saab is sexy btw I recommend you sand and have your front grills
    painted gloss black it will look super sick on your car!!!!

  2. Endre Tomos says:

    Coldn’t you just wire it in place of the littli w5w bulbs that you took

  3. Alexander H says:

    @jedebiri what’s up

  4. Ameriking85 says:

    People stop hating on this Saab. Its one of the sexiest Ive evr
    seen…actually is the sexiest and I just got black 04 Aero. Cant wait for
    it to look like yours dude. Great Vid!!!

  5. Alexander H says:

    your going to have to go to your dealer and ask your tech to do it. My
    dealer, before i got to know my tech, said they wouldn’t do it because of
    safety. Yet i got a little aggressive and stated that I’m tired of buying
    new bulbs cause they keep going out. And after that it was cake. It’s the
    same process for wither HIDs or regular lights. I had them done on my new
    one right away cause i didn’t want my HIDs on all the time.

  6. Alexander H says:

    Have the stock Aero rims with them powder coated. I got a good guy if
    anyone is near IL and wants them done.

  7. Tyler Aikman says:

    how much u want for ur car!! haha i have a saab 9-5 and im doing tons of
    work on it but it looks no where as goos as yours good job man

  8. Logan Hudson says:

    were did you get the black tent for the side marker

  9. just an fyi, no need to remove the bumper to get the city lights out. i’ve
    changed mine a good 10 times. just remove the headlight cover, and then you
    can tug on the two wires (lightly) to pull the city light out. it’s easier
    putting it back in, just push it into the hole (looking from the front) and
    applying a little pressure. it’ll save you a good half hour.

  10. Ameriking85 says:

    Hey I am also curious as to what wattage and color your fog HID’s are?

  11. stathis saab says:

    nice job my friend.i have the same car but its 2007 model.i love it

  12. I’ve never been keen on black wheels but otherwise it’s the bee’s knees.

  13. Edwin Aristigueta says:

    Lol video

  14. Nice

  15. Alexander H says:

    if your talking about the little seals that sit on the back of the
    light???? Because if so its almost impossible to get to without talking out
    the light . Those lights sit far in the light and with little room
    underneath the hood, you can’t get a room to work. But if your talking
    about the lens that covers the light that seems it would break the seal to
    the light leading to problems down the road. So i’m not quite sure i
    understand what your saying

  16. 01jordanfirst says:

    how do you get through the firewall? did you have to take off the dash? i’m
    installing LEDs in my cupholders and i need to get through the firewall. i
    have a 2002 Saturn L300