Lamborghini Gallardo E-gear VS. Saab 9-3 Aero

SAAB 9-3 Race

Lamborghini Gallardo E-gear VS. Saab 9-3 Aero

Instagram: alexandersson01 1080p: 2008 Gallardo LP520 E-gear VS. 2001(?) Saab 93 Aero 380hp, rolling start from 50km/h / 30mp/h. Good race but the start was …
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  1. charlie dee says:

    Nice! Not really the same car, but my 1990 SPG 900 with some work gets it
    pretty good, but I have never had the chance to race a Lambo…..yet.

  2. Robert Lechner says:

    Saab best Car 

  3. the Saab did well. wouldn’t mind a tuned Saab myself actually.

  4. Eradicate999 says:


  5. Gotta love Saab for tuning potential/cost ratio!

  6. That’s a 4 cyl vs a v10 and only stage 2. Holy crap!

  7. awesomalex14 says:

    so is this just ecu tuned? I’ve got an 06 9-3 aero but only have 260 hp.
    ecu tuned is only maxed at 320 hp.

  8. Folken Van Vanel says:

    I didn’t know my car could do that.

  9. dino beaton says:

    big fan of Saabs and an owner.

  10. What do you mean not fair? Is it because im 2 meters ahead of you in the
    start? Fine, add a couple of meters in your head if that feels better :) 

  11. dino beaton says:

    that was awesome!!!! 

  12. TerranObserver says:

    I even saw some 9-3′s tuned far above the 480~500hp and I guess that will
    outrun this lambo for good :-) 

  13. go saab

  14. Mefodiy Doesntmatter says:

    What mods do you have?

  15. spectre1466 says:

    good for 9-3

  16. Paul Dunsford says:

    i doubt thats stage 2 stage 2 about 250-280 , probably stage 4-5 300-350

  17. DesertScientist says:

    This is a pre-2003 MY 9-3, so it’s does not have the Aero-designation. 

  18. wow such a fair race

  19. Does he put the hand brake on at 00:13 secs so the LAMBO can catch up :- D

  20. Kevorkianable says:

    This is why you don’t try to outrun a SAAB Police car.

  21. jason grzywinski says:

    Very very impressive

  22. Andrew Lane says:

    That will do Saab, that will do.

  23. Sure the Lamborghini has a higher top speed most likely, and it did
    overtake the saab in the end, but oh my that engine and chassis are such
    great craftsmanship.