How to Add an AUX Input to a Saab 9-3

SAAB 9-3 Radio

How to Add an AUX Input to a Saab 9-3

This video shows how to add an AUX input jack to a 2003 or newer Saab 9-3. Before doing this you might want to look in your center armrest and see if there’s…
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  1. Man that wasn’t a lot of work. i have saab 9-3 2003 n my cd player skip
    songs and dealer says 180 to add aux cable which is ridiculous. I’m
    definitely going to try this.

  2. carrie telfer says:

    how do i get one of these leads please

  3. Hello. I have the wire that plugs into the back of the stereo, but i was
    wondering whether they computer needs to be flashed for it to work or not

  4. timkel1983 says:

    Hi in this video you said someone else connected straight on to the pin
    because there wasn’t a block like yours do you have a pic or do you know
    which pins he connected on to any help would be great as my cd is doin my
    head in. my car is a 2003 93 aero with the same looking stereo but without
    aux in the display i know i need to have that turned on. thanks

  5. They one I added is just tapped off of the factory aux input, so you can
    plug into either one.

  6. ullapulla89 says:

    Do you know, could this be done with saab 9-5 -02?

  7. I can’t send you the link so I’ll try to add it either to the comments or
    to the video itself. It’s very detailed on how to connect the wires to the
    pins on the radio.

  8. I just used some cheap microphone wire from Radio Shack. It has two thin
    conductors and a shield all inside a single jacket. It’s called a twisted
    shielded pair. You want small wires, like 18, or 20 gauge. I realized since
    making the video that you’re going to have to attach the wires directly to
    the pins on the back of the stereo. You can’t tap the wires like I did. A
    guy on Saab Forums used RS232 female pins and just slid them over the pins
    on the radio. I’ll try to send you a link…


    Nice, my 07 9-3 already came with Aux input. My wife has the 06 9-3 so
    thanks for posting this as I was thinking of how to install for her car
    without having to buy aftermarket.

  10. JOHNATHAN LUND says:

    I used to own a 2004 9-3 Aero, the aux in is located underneath the center

  11. dustin newton says:

    I have one in my armrest (2.0T) but its not an option on my headunit. how
    do i activate it?

  12. Keep in mind that you’ll probably have to get the dealer to enable the aux
    input in software. Press the input button on the right side of the steering
    wheel to see. If it just toggles back and forth between radio and CD then
    the aux input isn’t enabled. If it scrolls from radio, to CD, to Aux, and
    then back to radio you’re good to go. Otherwise you’ll have to pay the
    dealer or an independent shop to hook it up to their computer to enable

  13. That’s crazy. They should know how to do that. I’d find a different dealer.
    Search on Craigslist for “tech 2″. There are some independent shops who
    have the software to do it and I’ve seen a local one advertising on CL that
    he can make tech 2 changes.

  14. carrie telfer says:

    would u like to answer my msg or am i wasting my time

  15. Jonathan Bondéus says:

    I don’t have any black wire there you say that you connect the ground. I
    have a SAAB 9-3 SS 2003 (the interior looks the same as yours), and where
    shall I connect my ground wire? Your guide is very helpfull by the way!
    thanks a lot for doin this !!

  16. Cowdick101 says:

    Sooooooo to use ur factory aux just go to CD mode and select change media
    then select aux input. POW now rock out!

  17. carrie telfer says:

    yeh looks like someone fitted it b4 u bought it

  18. dustin newton says:

    thanks man. have you ever had a problem with your buttons on your steering
    wheel not working? i just bought my 9-3 today.