Fixing A Broken Power Window 2002 Saab 9-5 Turbo – EricTheCarGuy

2002 SAAB 9-5 Linear

Fixing A Broken Power Window 2002 Saab 9-5 Turbo – EricTheCarGuy

Fixing A Broken Power Window 2002 Saab 9-5 Turbo – EricTheCarGuy Well it’s not often I see a Saab at the shop but this one show…
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  1. Wade Scott says:

    I just got a quote from my auto mechanic for $521.00 to fix this very
    problem. I just bought the part off Ebay for less than $5.00 and I will do
    this myself. Thank you for the excellent instructions.

  2. get parts from 13 bucks with shipping

  3. Petr Miškeřík says:

    Saabs was great cars, RIP.
    Thanks for a saab video Eric.

  4. good job,great teacher

  5. Ecchi-BANZAII!!! says:

    Very helpful video Eric.
    I just happened to have a broken guide bearing (those green plastic ones.
    for the glass and this will help me very much since you go into detail
    about the delicate things on the plastic frames.

  6. Brett Millar says:

    I know everyone has a different way of doing things, but you don’t need to
    remove the cotter pins on the new rollers. Just slide the roller into the
    track and press the regulator arm into the roller. You’ll hear two clicks
    as the cotter pin engages. I used channel locks to press it in.

  7. nikkolaus says:

    $20 for a couple pieces of plastic and a bit of metal?! Jeez!

  8. boroneadani says:

    Not sure if you will ever have the “pleasure” to work on a saab window
    again, but you can leave the retainers on the green guides and snap em in
    like you did before – it makes it easier :) 

  9. Rodney Garrett says:

    many, many thanks for the video. I was able to fix the driver’s side with
    no problem. FYI I did not pull the window out and I did not have to
    pull/snap out that little oval piece near the mirror (you mentioned that
    was not required). Thank you I really appreciate it.

  10. Josh Oropeza says:

    Thanks for the video!! I just bought a 02 Saab 95 and the drivers window
    came out the track. So this was very helpfull

  11. Blix Dunn says:

    I did the same job today, Only difference is the customer managed to bend
    the assembly arms.

  12. hey can you make a video on how to replace the cup holder plz

  13. boomer112464 says:

    Eric- thank you so much- same car, same year, and a similar problem. My
    window froze to the track and I’m guessing those medal grips pulled off the
    window when I tried to lower (I live in the mountains of Utah). Gonna give
    this go today. How much $ do you save people??? You the Man!

  14. 38911bytefree says:

    Love your vids Man keep comming.

  15. EricTheCarGuy says:

    @ForTheWinaIIDay Yea, I fixed that, it does look better.

  16. EricTheCarGuy says:

    @thepopeis1 Good thing there wasn’t any window tint on the windows then.

  17. EricTheCarGuy says:

    @thepopeis1 Yea that is pretty cool

  18. EricTheCarGuy says:

    @IIGrayfoxII Not often but I suspect I’ll be seeing this one more.

  19. hellraiser319 says:

    @EricTheCarGuy Pick tools make those stubborn screw covers a hell of a lot
    easier to pop out, although the pocket screwdriver is still an awesome
    tool. By the way, did you see the Snap-On pocket screwdrivers with the
    magnets at the other end? Scored a couple of those with the rep’s last
    visit. :D

  20. EricTheCarGuy says:

    @JTheGuitarPlayer To diagnose this you pretty much have to take the inner
    door panel off and get a look, most times the cause of problems like this
    are easy to find.

  21. EricTheCarGuy says:

    @MoneyMarcMes And they would be right to get it in my opinion, we have to
    feed our kids too. :)

  22. Billy Cintron says:

    Your vdeos are amazing! keep it going, this video is going to help me in
    the future because i just got an acura integra, and i think the window
    might go, so i might need to change it soon. Thanks bro

  23. 510markman510 says:

    suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure it was already broken eric!

  24. bcompany6 says:

    Now i know how to fix my Toyota soarer’s power window problem thank you
    Eric yay.