Dieselpomp reparatie Opel Audi VP33 VP44 defect uitbouwen 0281001827 0470504004 0470504003 pomp p

SAAB 9-2

Dieselpomp reparatie Opel Audi VP33 VP44 defect uitbouwen 0281001827 0470504004 0470504003 pomp p

In deze video ziet u hoe u de diesel pomp electronica kunt verwijderen. Deze pompen raken veelvuldig defect, meestal ligt het probleem in de electronisch mod…
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SAAB 9-2 question by hp: Experiences with Saab vehicles?
Are Saabs troublesome to maintain? Are they expensive to repair? They seem to be really cheap in comparison with other “luxury” cars. For example a used 2008 Saab 95 runs for about 20k. Its got fairly low miles (fewer than the 12k average per year). Ive heard lots of good things about them but again lots of bad. Lets here some experiences that past owners have had. They seem to be really good cars all in all.

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Answer by saab_9_3
Saab’s are cheap right now because it nearly died this time last year. GM which first owned 50% in 1990, and bought the company outright and made it a division in 2000, did not want to continue with the brand and put it on the market. After the intial sale to Koenningsburg fell through in the 11th hour, when the clock struck midnight even smaller Spyker saved the brand by buying it from GM for very little cash.

Spkyer does not have a lot of money, just enough to stay in business for three years and develop a new 9-5 (GM already had developed already and it was launched under Spyker this year), a new 9-4 (coming in 2011, think Cadillac SRX which is the same car and uses Saab’s turbo engine), and a revised 9-3 in 2012 that continues to use the GM Epsilon I platform and may use BMW engines. A 9-2 is not funded but the new owners want to develop. Cash is needed to do this, so the company needs to show a profit by 2012 or it may go out of business.

You needed to know the history to understand why Saab’s are so cheap. The company is not stable right now with the small Spkyer owning it – or at least it does not have the deep pockets of a large company. They need to show a profit soon before the cash runs out.

The 2008 Saab 9-5 design dates back to 1999 as that model was made from 1999-2009. The engine is the older Saab H design it had from the Saab/Scania days it is a durable engine. The caveats about it are: make sure all the maintenance records are there and that the oil was changed frequently (5000 miles or less) as oil sludge can build up in the engine and destroy it if it is not changed often. Also known engine problem is the ignition cassette. It tends to fail every 60,000 or 70,000 miles and cost between $ 600 to $ 800 to replace. Besides these two known problems, the cars are generally durable in the powertrain.

Sometimes electirical issues pop up, but most of those issues were gone by 2008. The heads up display sometimes experiences pixilation, and plan on spending another $ 800 to $ 1000 to replace if that goes – but that takes time for it to happen. On a car this new, that kind of failure takes quite a bit of time to come up. If it does, you have to fix it or you may not see engine warnings if the pixels make it unreadable.

Saab users come in two groups. There are those who love how they handle, their good pickup with four cylinder turbocharged engines, and the good gas mileage you get with relatively small engines. The bad are those who get the once in awhile lemon that cannot keep running. Howerver, there is a correlation between those who do the required maintenance on time and those who don’t and what happens. Oil changes are a big part of the problem on that model.

Note that Saabs are more expensive to repair since so few are made in comparison to say Lexus, BMW, Cadillac, Acura… you get the idea. Parts are readily available for the model you are looking at since it was made for 10 years with some updates. Fortunately for the most part, take care of it, and you will have few repairs (except for the three items mentioned above most likely).

Also, I have a check list if you want to test the car yourself. It does not replace a mechanic, but it allows you to evaluate the car for many issues (engine sludge is not one of the tests you can do without going and removing the oil pan – sorry). If you want it, write me and I will get it to you.

Good luck. I fit in the camp that likes them, I have a 2006 9-3 with 63,000 and never had a problem with it mechanically.

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