Crash Test: 2007 Saab 9-3


Crash Test: 2007 Saab 9-3

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SAAB 9-3X question by Hey Mo!: Do they still make Saab automobiles?
I drive an older Saab (1998) that I have had since it was brand new. It is still going strong with 134,000 miles…many tires, brakes and a new clutch later, hahah. I love it and was telling one of my friends that I think it is time to retire her and get a new one. I said I wanted to get the same kind of car and he told me they do not make Saab anymore. Is this true. I had not heard anything about that. Thanks to anyone that knows.

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Answer by shonoel
Heck yes! Go here and choose your country

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  1. IMAWARRIOR89 says:

    Glad your ok but disappointed u killed a perfectly good saab not to mention
    a rare Aero. Why not go to the track to test its handling? Well good luck
    finding a new one and hope you dont destroy that 1 too.

  2. stas sytnyk says:

    Last night I was going extremely fast and testing the capabilities of my
    car (saab 9-3 aero 2.8l.) I ended up going offroad going 70mph down into a
    cliff at midnight. I rolled my car three times, and I got out without a
    scratch just got a bleeding lip which I thought that was my head
    bleeding.The airbags on the side and in front popped out exactly when they
    needed to. Surprisingly I got out of the car through the front window and
    perfectly climbed out of the ditch my car fell into. Coolant smell was
    horrible right after the crash smelled like death.Honestly the safest car
    you can get out there. Saab is underrated . I still can’t believe what
    happened. After the crash the doors opened easily even after half the door
    was bent. Car was completely totaled, not a single living spot or wheel is
    left. Thanks Saab for making such great cars. My next car is definitely is
    going to be a saab. Thanks to those Swedish people who made such a great

  3. DR. Dánucu says:

    the saab handling is very poor!! only to drive fast on the freeway. if a
    have a saab will be 9/5

  4. Have you not seen the IIHS mod. overlap tests?

  5. bigvanilla27 says:

    agreed, they are easily the better swedish carmaker =]

  6. Ben Long says:

    I was in a car crash last year and we were very lucky to land on four
    wheels (because we did a 90 degree turn in mid air) and survive, never mind
    escaping with not a single bruise. We would have died because of the rocky
    terrain we collided with. We also knocked over the biggest road sign on the
    M1. It’s damage was a big dint in the front bumper and miraculously, no
    window was even chipped. Now there are SOS buttons and emergency call on
    speed dial, but with the saab, you don’t need them.

  7. crystynelu says:

    @KkF00 yes it did my firend, yes it did. chuck norris’s car :) )

  8. derbigpr500 says:

    Volvos are great too, better overall than Saabs. Saab just makes brilliant

  9. Adam Bryan says:

    Nice Car’s But dreadfully uncomfertable on long trips, Had the discomfert
    of Driving a 2000 model Saab 93 for 500km on the highway and found it
    uncomfertable, all the control’s seemed to be out of reach, the cruise
    control kept deactivating, They are nice car’s but are Crap on long Run’s

  10. Philip Kihlström says:


  11. Did that back bumper seriously just pop back out perfectly? I need me a

  12. scott30428 says:

    the damage of the chinese car GEELY could not be assessed. nothing was left
    of it after the test.

  13. 3874916402 says:

    Thats because idiots are reproducing rapidly.

  14. deimosAfobos says:

    overestimated i tell!!!

  15. Christopher2398 says:

    They should put thare test bumper on wheels so when a car hits the test
    bumber it will show what will really happen

  16. harwell299 says:

    WOW! Now i like saabs! lol

  17. crystynelu says:

    is this car made from rubber?

  18. cofeecat says:

    why is everything so expensive?? the saab’s full width frontal was 1400
    dollars?! thats a lot of money! and the only thing that seems to have
    broken was the grille! here in india, where we pay the same for the same
    car if it was bought in america, something like a hyundai getz if that
    needs a full bumper replacement, its like 4500 rupees! which is 100
    dollars! these prices in the video are just mind boggling!

  19. mahlon raed says:

    saabs are great! i have one with 333,000 kilometers on it and its still

  20. cos no 1 is sitting there, if u r seated, it wont shake so hard.

  21. foofighters456 says:

    lol only the grill came of the saab

  22. that was pointless to watch, CRASH IT AT 70MPH!!!

  23. m3poower says:

    haha, look at the driver seat at 2.33 xD

  24. Jay Perez says:

    great vid guys!

  25. Yes, although they are in serious financial trouble. GM would love to get rid of the company.

    Modern Saab’s are mainly Vauxhall Vectras with a bit of an expensive tweak.

    Spares and servicing are very expensive.

  26. Lucky Phil says:

    I think you will find that GM owns Saab.GM is going broke.They still make Saabs at the moment.Don’t know for how much longer.

  27. Saab has filed to become an independent company to break free from GM so they can continue to grow, otherwise they will disappear. This should be good for the company if it comes off because the quality should improve as well as some nice new models in the future, they have plenty of financial backing because they still make planes

  28. yes they are still made.

  29. xc99tf00 says:

    Well, your friend is incorrect in the statement that they no longer make vehicles. At present, GM owns Saab. That being said, Saab is currently on the market being shopped to potential buyers. There were 25+ parties that showed initial interest in the company, and these included private equity investors, international car manufacturers, and some others investors from within Sweden.

    This number has dwindled down to about 7 potentially serious investors, who are taking hard looks at the company. Some of them were recently spotted in Trollhattan, Sweden venturing out in the soon to be shown 9-5 sedan, that will replace the current model which is really 12 years old (with various upgrades and modifications over the years) at this point. So they are showing the potential investors what is coming up down the line.

    As for GM, they have an agreement to share some parts and facilities for the next five years with Saab, even though Saab is aiming to move more manufacturing back to Sweden. GM will technically not be an owner as of January 1, 2010, and Saab will either be independent, or will have to have a buyer waiting in the wings.

    While Saabs share a great deal of parts with their GM counterparts, they still have some of the quirkiness that made them appealing to begin with. Some things are novel, like the center mounted ignition and window switches, others less so, like the hockey stick rear pillar look.

    Personally, I would not worry about purchasing a new Saab. While the lineup is limited to the 9-3 (evolution of the 900) and the 9-5, they are expanding their lineup in the next year or so with a new 9-5, 9-4x crossover, and 9-3x (think Audi all-road, or Volvo XC-70 wagon). If you enjoy the car and take care of it like your current vehicle, you should have no problems. I just picked up one myself a couple months ago, and really have no concerns.

    Good luck, and hopefully Saab is alive and kicking when your new one decides to bite the dust.

  30. 18gibbs20 says:

    SAAB is still in business. They’re looking to get out from under GM and go back on their own.

  31. Sure they do. Here are some recent road tests