Cold start saab 9-3 [NO PREHEAT\GLOW PLUGS]

SAAB 9-3 Glow Plugs

Cold start saab 9-3 [NO PREHEATGLOW PLUGS]

This was a 3-in-1 test, for the starter which had been failing recently plus battery, but allso the coldest possible good start with no glow plugs. If I knew…
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SAAB 9-3 glow plugs question by Nick c: i have bought a saab 9-3 tid?
it seems to have trouble starting,not all the time could it be the injectors?or glow plugs ?or u tell me coz i have looked hard at it and it has been to the garage they put a ne module in and said it will be ok.yer right back to square on
please help

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Answer by Jody D
I recommend taking it not to a garage, but a true diesel mechanic. Could be a bad fuel pump too.

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  1. @cipmars It should start when the enine startsis running, and you should
    hear it running after about 2 or so minutes. Usually, lots of starts and
    stops and short drives “kills” the heater, as it never gets fully started
    before it has to shut down. It can be hard to hear while the engine is
    running, but you should be able to hear a turbine-like noise coming from
    it. Normally, if you stop your engine it should continue running the
    “cooldownstop” cycle for a minute.

  2. cipmars says:

    @Da9eI It’s not programmed, but I’m gonna sort it out in a couple of days.
    It’s 5*C right now, but it’s gonna be colder in a few hours when I’ll be
    leaving for work, so I’m gonna check it. I guess it should buzz or
    something, so if it doesn’t there’s a problem for me to sort out. When
    should it start doing something, when I turn the ignition on, or after the
    engine fires up?

  3. @cipmars Probably a bit messy writing here in the comments field, but…
    hell with it.. On my car, the fuelmetering pump for the heater is placed
    in the same place as the fuel filtertank, or near the front of the back
    right wheel. You should hear it tickingclicking around 3-4 times a second
    under normal operation. I’ll se if Im able to post a vid of the heater when
    its on at some point.

  4. cipmars says:

    How can I check if the original 3kW heater works? I’ve bought the car two
    days ago and it blows some white smoke on startup. I wanna make sure I
    don’t get in trouble next winter. How do I get the heater to start?

  5. cipmars says:

    @Da9eI I’ve started it at 1*C and the heater wouldn’t start, but the glow
    plugs light didn’t light eather. Could it be a bad water temperature
    sensor? The engine fires right up, but with white smoke smelling like
    unburned diesel fuel (for a couple of seconds) and it takes 10 minutes of
    idleing for the temperature needle to rise 1mm, it’s a little too long,
    isn’t it? I’d love to see a vid like that if you would take the time to
    make it, thank you.

  6. @cipmars as you probably know, I were never able to fully start the
    original 3kW heater because of bad ECU on it. And when it started, it would
    suddenly stop, whithout running the stopcooldown cycle. Filling the engine
    bay with white unburnt diesel fumes. Normally it should be hard to see any
    exhaust coming from it, but if it has a “flame-out” it will produce lots of
    white smoke. The exhaust should be warm (burn your hand-warm).

  7. @cipmars Do you have the “parking heater option” installed? (Water pump,
    relay box+relay and SID re-program) If colder than 5*C the heater should
    start automatically when engine is on. If warmer it can be manually started
    holding both +/- keys on the SID (SAAB Info Display). It takes about 2
    minutes for the heater to start and run, and if you open the hoodbonnet
    you should be able to hear it running. The white smoke tells me that the
    combustion chamber is sludged up and needs to be cleaned.

  8. @cipmars If its the SID1 Im not really sure, but I think it would be the
    same. If you have it programmed it should kick in with engine off as well,
    but if not, it wont. As you probably know, the 3kW one didnt work on my
    car. Im not sure what will happen if you manually start it, without the
    program. If engineignition is off, it (on SID2) is enough pushing one of
    the +/- or Up/Dn and you should see the menu for starting and stopp and
    timer settings.

  9. cipmars says:

    @cipmars I’ve read more and I’ve found out that I should have an entry in
    the menu for that. I need to go to someone with a Tech interface to enable
    it, and then I can see if it’s working.