Classic SAAB 900 turbo – 0-200kmh

SAAB 900

Classic SAAB 900 turbo – 0-200kmh

acceleration 0-200kmh.
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SAAB 900 question by : Is 142,000 miles high mileage for 1992 saab 900?
Im looking to buy a saab 900 and it needs work, all small reasonable stuff I can do. im just wondering about the miles now. My family has always had Audis that we can drive and work perfectly fine to 300,000 miles or more. Are there any problems that come with this era of saab at this mileage?

SAAB 900 best answer:

Answer by JMC663

I have been a Saab owner for many years and can honestly say that the 900 is generally bullet proof, the Engines can easily see 1/2 million miles without any real issues and only general servicing. Saabs are generally seen as specialists cars, they have a unique style and the off er a unique driving experience, as they used to say ” You drive other cars but you Pilot a Saab”. Check the service History, avoid the car if it has missed services, the engines are strong but can easily go wrong without correct servicing, I have and always will oil and filter service mine every 6000 miles and full service at 12000 miles, it may seem excessive but so far I have had little problems with any Saab I have had. On a 1992 Saab the main areas for rust are the wheel arches, most have had a plastic wheel arch protector on and so holds moisture and eventually rusts otherwise they are generally excellent cars. Good Luck in your search, remember their Values are still very low so aim the buy the best you can for your budget and not settle for the first one you see, there are still plenty of them about.

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