Aero-X Oops


Aero-X Oops

Something happened on the way to the museum.
SAAB Aero X Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Sean Wheeler says:

    it looks like a mix of a Bugatti veyron/Mercedes SLS AMG/Konigsegg Agera R 

  2. Mohammed Arfaoui says:

    Saab Aero-X comes from Sweden

  3. Kind of like how you’re saying “Your mistaken” instead of “YOU’RE mistaken”?

  4. MichaelNinetyFour says:

    -_- The dooopening was too narrow, asshole… I’m a Swede : (

  5. No probs

  6. RecordableID says:

    The tail-light is so hot!

  7. crashlove768 says:

    i see one of those on a gas station LOL

  8. LongJohn Vllasaliu says:

    @oOTriggerOo jasså härligt :)

  9. Lazaruxx says:

    give it too meee, i want it!!!!!

  10. JAG03064 says:

    @tauheke You presume too much those are my actual initials and zip
    zipperhead. Did you come with any spare parts? Because you obviously need

  11. $500,000 for a piece of swedish crap…..pretty though.

  12. maybe the can use a spyker chassis to make this… we can only hope

  13. nergal666 says:

    it worth the wait XD

  14. TheMcBravo says:

    regalenme uno

  15. ThePlayStationGuy1 says:

    He said “Hey watch it that’s my car your playing with” Lol.

  16. xReventonx says:

    is there a discount on that particular car ? I’d buy it as it is there and
    take it to my Saab Mechanic to fix it up ;)

  17. the car is soooo nice !!!

  18. Brian Bastiaens says:

    wow its al lot easier to push the car when its in N in stead of D….. xD

  19. thelocalmilkman says:

    thansk for the video.. really nice car…

  20. operonrs says:

    @forroattila I am from Brazil, and what you say is not true. First, we use
    sugar-cane for ethanol production, that is much more efficient than corn
    (used in the US). Second, we are not cutting down our forests, but using
    the vast arable land our country has. Please, check your facts before
    posting incorrect assessments.

  21. LongJohn Vllasaliu says:

    why isnt it in stores? :’( I want this car so bad that I would jump in to a
    pool of liquid uranium to own it! just kidding I would not because that
    would be stupid.