2006 Saab 93 9-3 Air and Oil Filter Change

2003 SAAB 9-3 Oil Change

2006 Saab 93 9-3 Air and Oil Filter Change

Changing the air filter and changing the oil and oil filter on a 2006 Saab 9-3.
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2003 SAAB 9-3 oil change question by matt_jay50: How many miles do you think you can get out of this Saab?
I’m considering buying a 2003 Saab 9-3 Linear (automatic transmission) with 93,000 miles on it and I was just wondering if it would be worth my investment. The car was garage kept and hasn’t had any engine or mechanical problems to date, however I’m hoping to get out 50,000 more miles out of it and it’s current mileage worries me. Any help is much appreciated.


2003 SAAB 9-3 oil change best answer:

Answer by LovingLife
Chances are if you take care of it it will take care of you.

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  1. Alfredo Santaolalla says:

    Thanks for doing this video!

  2. lionell247 says:

    Great video for a guy that never changed oil before.

  3. kaneng wenghong says:

    If not aero use semi synthetic oil but depend your saab 9-3 year make

  4. kaneng wenghong says:

    Hello Matthew brenengren your car is aero or not

  5. iamoverrated says:

    Autozone, Wallmart, NAPA, Advance, any hardware store….

  6. Alex Hetti says:

    Thanks, Helped a lot. not as hard as i thought, just needed the right tools :D

  7. your owners manual? I got mine for free I just downloaded it from GM
    Owners, so could you, all you need is a VIN# and a yahoo account thats it!
    In the register there is couple of ways to do it. You can record your oil
    changes, service, wheel alignments and ballance, multipoint inspection,
    tire rotation + access recall info etc.

  8. 昊煜 吴 says:

    Hi, have you ever change your fuel filter? I heared ppl said that the fuel
    filter is insider the fuel pump, so we dont need to change that. Is that

  9. Bret Brennan says:

    Well Saab recommends for domestic American oil to be fully synthetic Mobil
    1 and other European cars in America but for European synthetic oil would
    be Castrol but however any one of those brands of oil would meet closer to
    GM but the oil filter is different on a lot of the new Saab Automobiles
    from the 80′s-90′s the Saab 900′s and 9000′s and even the other Saabs of
    the 00-10′s got well made. traditionally the oil filters are under the
    engines and have it big. start it once u r through

  10. hondacrave says:

    Supposed to use only 0w that’s what the dealer told me

  11. MacGyver9876 says:

    From one Saab owner to another, u can get a free pdf of the owner’s manual
    from GM’s Extended Warranty website. I can give u the link or u can just
    Google it. It’s not hard to find.

  12. Kasra Sadeghian says:

    Great vid thanks!

  13. borderwave2 says:

    @mbrenengen Go by the SID, it calculates oil life based on ambient
    temperature – cold starts – driving conditions – and engine load. Far more
    sophisticated than any ballpark estimate you our I could make.

  14. A fellow Saabian, Thank you so much for putting this up. Helped me change
    out my 08 9-3′s oil :D

  15. Sonphan100 says:

    People on here are fucking rude

  16. jimmymullet89 says:

    Just for future reference, Saab recommends you use an oil which meets the
    GM-LL-A-025 spec for a 2.0t/T engine. The two most common oils are Mobil 1
    0w-40 and Castrol 0w-30 European Formula. Both are fully synthetic.
    Everything else was spot on, great video.

  17. dimitri stathos says:


  18. @mbrenengen probably because the coolant that GM puts in it is acidic crap.
    That pink coolant is called dexcool GM has lawsuits against it because it
    slowly degrades engine components. It was supposedly a heavy duty coolant
    than can last to 50,000 miles. I would flush it out on your next service
    and put in green phosphate free coolant or you might need another

  19. thisiszaphodbeeblebr says:

    Thanks for an informative vid. Just did an oil change and filter on our
    9-3SS Aero today. I found that there was no gasket for the filter, and the
    one that came with the new replacement just broke up when the top of the
    filter container was tightened. So I have replaced as was and without. To
    make life easier, I jacked up the front of the car, and rested on axle
    stands to access the sump plug, which must have been tightened by Arnold
    Schwarzenegger. Don’t forget to reset the service indicators!

  20. Saab’s are pretty reliable cars. And if the miles are mostly highway miles then u should be fine. And its been garaged kept so it may need to be clean(engine and trans). And it also depends on how much you plan to pay for it …

  21. That is not a lot of miles for a Saab of that year. I would expect it to go way farther than 50,000 miles. Although it is a foreign car and if you live in America it will cost a lot more for oil changes and maintenance. Personally, I would invest in a good GM car due to the inexpensive maintenance. Perhaps a Grand Prix GT or a Bonneville? Anything with the 3800 v6 will last a VERY long time.

  22. You’ll be able to get 50k miles out of it no problem, but chances are against you that they will be 50k inexpensive miles. 2003 was the first model year for the redesigned 9-3. I have never owned a 2003 9-3 personally, but I’ve been around the brand and the internet forums that go along with it long enough to know that they are miserable in terms of reliability. Tons of people have nothing but trouble with their 2003 9-3′s. They got more reliable each year as Saab worked out bugs, but I would never buy a 2003 9-3. It’s definitely a safe, fun car, and I would totally recommend it as long as you know what you’re getting into. Read the reviews on edmunds:

    Unless you can afford a later model 9-3, may I recommend you check out some 9-5′s? They’re actually cheaper than most of the 9-3′s you’ll find on the market, and as long as you check it for sludge and keep up with synthetic oil changes they are really great cars. I’m already on my second 9-5!!