1999 SAAB 9-5 Whining noise (The dreaded sludge?)

SAAB 9-5 Oil Leak

1999 SAAB 9-5 Whining noise (The dreaded sludge?)

A short clip of our SAAB 9-5 which has developed a rather annoying high pitched whine until warm. This problem (from what I’ve been reading) stems from oil s…
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SAAB 9-5 oil leak question by asjklsmh: Saab 9-5 leaks oil after routine oil change?
A couple weeks ago, the oil was changed on my 2001 Saab 9-5 2.3t. Immediately following the service, I noticed it began to leak oil in small amounts (quarter to half-dollar sized spots every morning). I thought that this was just residual oil so I waited and monitered it.

2 weeks later, the car still leaks. What could be the problem and is the dealer responsible?

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Answer by another man with a plan……
it could be that the dealer didn’t replace the little gasket that goes on the drain plug or the gasket on the oil filter is defective. Also the oil filter could be loose or the drain plug could be loose.

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  1. autoworld100 says:

    @autodog221 Its a general motors engine

  2. clemsonscout says:

    Shut it off please!

  3. oljyhamina says:

    the problem concerns only the trionic 7. It is result from the bad crank
    case ventilation. you can buy a replacement kit from your saab dealer.

  4. dicknasty3000 says:

    Thanks dupamoodle, I’ll have this done at my 9-3′s next service in July.
    It’s on about 120k. Saab’s are great though, they last for ever don’t they!
    I’m really pleased with mine.

  5. dicknasty3000 says:

    Did you find out what the problem was? I have heard that oil sludge is a
    problem also for first generation 9-3′s – do you know of any simple
    preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of engine

  6. Daniel Duperouzel says:

    Hi Nikkie, this is definitely the same noise. Once the car is warmed up the
    oil is thin enough and the noise goes away and the oil pump isn’t
    straining. To fix this we had the cars sump removed, any sludge
    cleaned/removed and then put back together with new oil. It cost around 2-3
    hours labour.

  7. Not a fan of Google+ says:

    Hey check out my video will you, it’s unlisted so i can’t add it as a video
    response. I can’t tell if it’s the same sound. watch?v=JeAMWCoMT8s

  8. Michael Mac says:

    It is a Saab engine actually, it’s history stems back to the 70s when they
    bought the rights to use a triumph slant engine from British leyland. GM
    played no part in this engine… GM took control back in the early 90s

  9. Derek Anthony Farmer says:

    Torx screws removed from inside sump to reveal 70% blocked strainer.
    SaabScene website very helpful for novices like me.Pros take 2 to 3 hours I
    took my time 7 hours spread over two days and you definately need to jack
    up the gearbox to get that sump out and back in after cleaning. Test refit
    BEFORE you apply the sealing compound and refit. Replacing strainer Mesh
    from 30 holes per cm to 20 holes per CM prevents blocked strainer. Crud
    gets sucked up through pump and into Oil Filter.

  10. Zoblings says:

    Who would have thought a Saab could ever produce that sound?

  11. SuperFrankenfurter says:

    the best preventative measure you can take on any saab is to use full
    synthetic. It stands up to the heat of the turbo. I have a 2008 2.0t and I
    was using regular oil not knowing that it called only for sythetic and my
    oil would be completely black and burned up in a couple weeks I changed my
    oil three times in the first month.

  12. Daniel Duperouzel says:

    It was a sludging problem. Basically the best prevention is to have the
    sump removed and the strainer and sump cleaned for peice of mind. Then I
    would advise changing oil more of than usual and maybe use an engine flush
    while doing so (check on what’s safe/not). Thse sump drop and clean cost us
    £250 all in at a main dealer. The car runs really well now.

  13. nukebUstern says:

    its the jet engine from jas gripen

  14. Kayla Kenny says:

    My fiancee has a 2002 saab 9-3 His car overheats and wont start for a long
    time after he turns it off… He replaced the thermostat and the butt
    connector .. he put new coolant in there.. it still wont start. Also the
    heater wont turn on or off on its own we have to put the fuse in and take
    it out when we’re done .. anyone know what this could be ?!

  15. kulie01 says:

    i had a similar prob with my 95,replaced turbo and noise disappeared.

  16. Derek Anthony Farmer says:

    Just tackled this job on my 95. removed turbo bypass valve, then heat
    shield, then exhaust down pipe bolts (3) (lots of WD40 and Patience) then
    drain the oil, and removed the oil filter, using a bike stretchy cable i
    lowered the exhaust downpipe (easier if you also undo underbody rubber
    exhaust mounts under footwell area. Remove the dipstick (clean rag or glove
    to cover hole) Undo autobox cover plate 11mm socket and finally sump (13mm
    bolts 18 of them) rubber hammer (tap tap) and sump falls away

  17. bryce21s says:

    Witam. Mam chyba taki sam problem, Poza tym u mnie pojawiły sie problemy z
    odpalaniem. wchodzi na obroty i gasnie. Napisz prosze jak rozwiazałes to w
    swoim saabie. moze byc na maila . A gdybys chciał zobaczyc co
    dzieije sie u mnie oprócz takiego wycia to pod tym linkiem
    /watch?v=b0dDH7o6T2o&feature=youtu.be wklej to po com

  18. Not a fan of Google+ says:

    Thank you for the explanation, appreciate it! Hopefully it isn’t too
    expensive to fix.

  19. Not a fan of Google+ says:

    Mine is starting to sound like this when starting it up. But after driving
    a few km i can’t hear it at all. It’s just in the beginning of the ride.
    I’m not a big car guy, but you’re talking about the engine now right?
    Sludging in the engine?

  20. autodog221 says:

    @autoworld100 in 1999 GM didnt fully own Saab

  21. autodog221 says:

    if none of the other comments have worked you could check your turbo it
    might be cracked where it filters to exhaust. Which wont cause check engine
    or nescisarily a notice in engine performance.

  22. michael spendelow says:

    120,000? just nicely run in then !! My 95 estate is on 174.000 and running
    like a swiss watch, the secret is regular oil changes ! I have an annual
    FULL service then six months later another oil change. For what it costs
    well worth the peace of mind !!

  23. mos_19g30 says:

    Where’s it leaking from? Make sure the filter is tight and the drain plug is tight.

  24. I would not wait 2 weeks or even 1 minute when there is any issue such as Oil leak just after any repair/service work.. Call the dealer and let them know that your saab is leaking and it was noticed just after they had changed the oil. Set up a time to go back so that they can check your Saab. They ‘ll probably be asking you to why you have waited 2 weeks and continued to drive your Saab with an oil leak? Just take it in ASAP and ask them to investigate the Oil leak. As far as what could be leaking, if it is related to their work, it could be leaking from the drain plug which means that the seal washer is either faulty or the plug may be loose or as result of over tightening, it may be damaged. The only other place is the oil filter may be also loose and just needs to be tightened up. As I stated above do not wait 1 more minute. Obviously has to be taken back to the dealer.Report back when dealer checks it out.