’08 Saab 9-7x Aero N/A

SAAB 9-7x Review

’08 Saab 9-7x Aero N/A

My 2008 Saab 9-7x Aero in the 1/4 mi running all motor w/intake, exhaust, stall, and tune vs a C5 Corvette 1.845 60ft 8.544 1/8 mi 79.68 mph 13.478 1/4 mi 98…
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  1. Armen Hammer says:

    Would I be able to upgrade my Saab 9-7 to this engine? And about how much
    would it be

  2. BLACKLACDTS says:

    i have simular mods to my awd tbss but i have a superchip tuner(junk) i
    have a homemade 3.5″ intake, stock exhaust with a magnaflow muffler and no
    resonator and a 3200 circle d stall. i cut a 1.89 60ft and ran a 13.49 @
    100mph (almost 101mph) i wonder why u have a better 60ft and i have more

  3. @MultiWasmachine No, that was a car warming up the tires in the water box.

  4. @fordjk33 Not sure what u mean by driver shift control. I added an ipod
    adapter to mine, they dont come with it factory. I think the ’09 model does

  5. @brianthesignguy Congrats! Yeah I got mine for 1/2 the sticker price of
    what it cost new. Best thing is that it drives, looks, and still smells
    like new. You should check out Trailvoy, TBSSOwners, and SaabCentral there
    you will find a lot of good info specifically for these SUV’s.

  6. Dirty30LS1 says:

    @fordjk33 I honestly dont know. Its pretty low Im sure like a 4.x without
    spinning the tires off the launch. When the SUV takes off, the speedo
    doesnt work until u let off, something to do with having a stall torque
    converter in these.

  7. pontiacGXPfan says:

    GM has become the company where you don’t have to know anything about cars
    to run a company that builds them. This is actually one of their better
    rebadged products. It even pitches its nose up under acceleration like a
    TB. Nice!

  8. elliott duhs says:

    is this electronically governed to 98?

  9. Dirty30LS1 says:

    @marksranger Stock 6.0L LS2 My old Envoy Denali had a 5.3L LH6

  10. Aron van der Plas says:

    is the hard sound on 1:02 from the saab?

  11. marksranger says:

    5.3l right?