Ultra HD 4K Drag RACE Bugatti Veyron Vitesse vs Lambo Aventador vs BMW S1000RR- presented by Samsung

911 Turbo S Vs Aventador

Ultra HD 4K Drag RACE Bugatti Veyron Vitesse vs Lambo Aventador vs BMW S1000RR- presented by Samsung

Presented by Samsung Ultra HD TV: This Ultra HD video shows the race between 1200 HP Bugatti Veyron Vitesse vs Lamborghini Aventador vs motorcycle BMW S1000RR from standing start.
911 turbo s vs aventador Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Mike Patton says:

    If you don’t like bikes then don’t ride one. But unless you’re a Saudi
    prince, you’ll never afford either one of those cars.
    So the $21,000 BMW S1000RR option simply gives you stupid speed at a good

  2. madman2x says:

    watching this video is a waste of time

  3. SEO4ever | Top List says:
  4. taylor gear says:

    Should re do it and use the new Kawasaki ninja H2R

  5. Clash N' boom Gamer says:

    If you’re looking for a very fast machine, then buy a BMW SUPERBIKE. (Not a
    veyron)!!! LmfAo

  6. Vethursan1 says:

    I would really like to know, if the BMW was stock. Can somebody help

  7. Bike all the way :) Just think what a moto gp bike would do to the veyron. 

  8. Sgt.Skywalker250 says:

    All these people saying the Bugatti had a bad driver or it started off slow
    are extremely stupid. The bike is gonna win every time in that race. The
    only way the Bugatti will win is if they have a longer stretch of road,
    Then its HP will take over the bike. 

  9. n8neiTen8n says:

    That’s why BMW doesn’t need a supercar ;) 

  10. Paul Stoia says:

    How motobike win WTF ?!?

  11. Enrique Cervantes says:

    Veyron was actually the safety car.

  12. samkhan77 Lok says:

    I think Bugatti Veyron is perfect car 440Km/h it so fast car, Y it slow coz
    stupid driver?

  13. Adrián García Martínez says:

    La moto se adelanta en la salida

  14. william Gratton says:

    please race a hayabusa VS Kawasaki ninja…

  15. Nicolas Haigwood says:

    Finally. Something puts those Bugatti lovers in their place.

  16. Bryan Dedon says:

    That’s ridiculous how much faster that bugatti is than that Lamborghini 

  17. Dmitriy Dmitriy says:

    гавно ролик. Нормально монтаж бы сделали

  18. Slug Slugster says:

    Due to the BULLSHIT advertising of the TV – I give negative

  19. SvenTviking says:

    What spastic idiot made this vid? Where was the bike you dullard? It won!

  20. Gavril Ovidiu-Nicolae says:

    Just wonder what place the moto will be after 300 km /h

  21. SerpensSolida says:

    I hate Samsung. Shitty things it sells. Same as LG.

  22. alberto santos perez says: