Top Gear testing Porsche Cayman S

Cayman S Gen 2

Top Gear testing Porsche Cayman S

The Porsche Cayman is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive 2-seat sports car produced by Porsche AG of Germany. First launched in the 2006 model year, the Cayman …
Cayman s gen 2 Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Least I’d say’s that the Porsche Cayman S got an appeal of a South American
    alligator, truthfully at its front-view lights, somewhere at lids’
    physicality from main visage. 

  2. Chris Anderson says:

    Crarcson is the biggest nob I ever see
    He drive and tested lots of cars but only for high speed haha he don now
    the most important thinks about cars
    Porsche cayman have engine in the middle this is mean thi car is perfectly
    balanced for race track etc 

  3. Chris Anderson says:

    If he nows why he never speak about important things

  4. Chris Anderson says:

    If he nowa why he never sprak about it important things

  5. Alex90andru says:

    My favorite car

  6. natebot321 says:

    Hmm. I think it’s a VERY good looking car! My neighbor has one; it looks
    better in real life than it does through a computer screen.

  7. Ride your little Brit cars dude

  8. trippplefive says:

    it’s brilliant but it sucks? yeah, this “review” made a lot of sense.

  9. Mats Romerique says:

    go play with your fav UK car with no reliability!!

  10. Chris Black says:

    the styling of the cayman is perfekt for a midengined car!! look at the
    proportions of the pagani zonda or lamborghini gallardo… small front and
    way to long behind

  11. Antonis Vartzelis says:

    I have one of this and i love it!

  12. Captain Atari says:

    @milesdavisblackmx5 WELL, if you had a brain, you would know that Only one
    province speaks french. The rest of us speak english, and 90% of what you
    just said didn’t make one bit of sense. “Fuckwit”? Really? Someone needs to
    learn how to insult. I aint lying either, i like how your getting mad at
    something that doesn’t mean anything to you. It just shows that you want to
    make someone feel small (which i don’t), not go back to knitting you old

  13. itsnotbutter13 says:

    @MagicAyrtonforever No, I am referring to the GT2 and GT3 cars.
    Lightweight, track type with lots of power.

  14. Captain Atari says:

    @milesdavisblackmx5 also- you made up a couple of my mistakes as well as
    making your own (meannig is spelt meaning). You are a lying, arrogant, son
    of a bitch, that has nothing better to do. If you are as respected as you
    say, than why are you sitting on youtube, trying to come up with clever
    responses to my comments? You obviously have a small dick and have your
    head up your ass. You are a very gargantuan fuck head. You know nothing
    about cars or music and are an asshole. Ive already won this.

  15. @TheMorotgubben no. 43k pounds. that is 49k euros

  16. Nunoelement says:

    Exellent video !

  17. Michael Vo-Chau says:

    lol this guy in all his reviews just hates porsches

  18. Captain Atari says:

    @marshknute attributes.The power/speed, the noise, the exclusivity, the
    passion, the prestige, the handling, the feeling you get in one, porsche
    just doesn’t have all that. I love porsche. Love em, but the Ferrari is
    just better. Im not specifically talking about the 599. The
    458,699,430,360,355,FF, Enzo. They are all that instantly recognizable car,
    loud and when you drive one, you feel great. The GT2 is the fastest
    Porsche, the Enzo is the fastest ever, but production wise, its the FF

  19. brendy1995 says:

    what episode of TG is this?