The new Porsche Panamera: Thrilling Contradictions.

Panamera S E-Hybrid

The new Porsche Panamera: Thrilling Contradictions.

In the second generation of the Gran Turismo, Porsche is introducing the world’s first plug-in hybrid to the luxury class. The Panamera S E-Hybrid is a syste…
Panamera S E-Hybrid Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Electric Vehicle Institute says:

    This is NOT a Prius…
    #Hybrid #EV #Sexy #EVrevolution 

  2. Cam'sWaterscapes says:

    Everyone liked the Sport Turismo styling, so why does Porsche go back to
    the ugly Panamera profile they had before? There needed to be more
    improvement after so many critical comments on the last generations look.

  3. Luis Adrian Muñoz says:

    Very Nice *–*

  4. osochocolatoso says:

    this is not a new generation, just a facelift

  5. boxterturbo says:

    Love it. maybe i will add this in between my C4S and Cayenne S

  6. lordmini76 says:

    you have to see it in real life. this car is amazing!!!

  7. HansImWald says:

    Schade, dass er so teuer ist.

  8. Joe Crash says:

    Ugliest Car ive ever seen

  9. Dylantuning1995 says:

    Awesommeeeee!!!!! Can’t wait for the Turbo!!

  10. Bs3MecRaZy says:

    Thats really ugly

  11. Talal Aziz says:

    Still ugly

  12. Honestly, I was expecting something more different than the original
    Panamera, this new one has green brake calipers and a pretty looking of its
    back… That’s why I loved it!

  13. Tautvis Sudaris says:

    I would literally sacrifice one of my kidneys to have this one…