The new Porsche Cayman GT4 – Rebels, race on.

Porsche Cayman Hd

The new Porsche Cayman GT4 – Rebels, race on.

The new Cayman GT4 is the long-awaited step beyond the boundary. The step over to the other side of the frontier – onto the racetrack. It’s our tribute to al…
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  1. The new Porsche Cayman GT4 is the long-awaited step to the other side of
    the frontier – onto the racetrack. Rebels, race on. More information on

    *Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: 10.3 l/100 km; CO2
    emissions; CO2 emissions: 238 g/km

  2. For those who are afraid that Porsche might cannibalize 911 sales with this
    car, let me tell you this: This car is the result of Porsche stepping
    outside of their boundaries and accepting the fact that one day they won’t
    be known for making the 911. They will be known for making great driving
    cars period. 

  3. thechosendude says:

    Could easily be the best looking Porsche of the last decade or so.

    Everyone that’s driven as Cayman has fallen in love with the chassis, and
    now it’s even better. No PDK, just straight manual. Starting $87k USD.
    This car is going to get amazing reviews.

  4. Samir Soeder says:

    I must steal this car

  5. Hayat -er says:

    Is it worth me giving up 3250 hours of my life for one of these? Hmm 

  6. jonny5777 says:

    Brilliant advert porsche. Shame most people who actually buy this will be
    bankers and stock brokers 

  7. Ralf Peppekus says:

    I WANT!!!!
    Manual only – Porsche, you did it again… I was smitten by the GTS but now
    I am in awe for this GT4….

  8. Ryo Matsumura says:

    新型アルトとはちょっと格が違うよ~! ww



  10. Johannes Marburger says:

    Das ist ein richtig schönes Video und Auto!!!

  11. Alexander Arndt says:

    Only German car enthusiasts will get the joke here at 0:57! XD

  12. andr3w27 says:

    I had always found the Cayman S/R/GTS to be a bit too plain in
    the aesthetics aspect. However, I think Porsche has done an excellent job
    in creating a more sporty and aggressive appearance with the GT4. I might
    consider picking a used one down the road now. 

  13. Stiwal Mejia says:

    A por todas y un poco mas, así viene el Lagarto de Porsche con mas hambre
    que nunca!

    The new Porsche Cayman GT4 

  14. Markus Herrmann says:

    Ich sag es ja nicht gern, aber es muß nicht immer ein #Porsche *911*
    #GT3 sein.

  15. AGA C'E' says:

    Quello che non ti aspetti C’E’.

  16. Jan-Michael Franklin says:

    The best sports car commercial I’ve seen in a long time for what may be the
    best “drivers” sports car ever! I challenge any true enthusiast to watch
    that without having an emotional response! Other sports car makers should
    take notes! Bravo! 

  17. TheShank6666 says:

    Wow, I almost don’t even know what to say.

    I noticed how you’ve taken a different approach this time. Choosing to
    create a car that is nearly equal to the 911, instead of superior to it as
    the 916 was. I noticed you also went for more affordable as apposed to more
    expensive. I really hope people appreciate what you have done here.
    Everyone was expecting this car to be $125, 000. You could have made it,
    and people would have bought it. No doubt this is partially an answer to
    the new Z06′s price to performance. With the Caymen S being around 75k,
    this car is an absolute steal at 85k. Basically sports package standard,
    sports exhaust standard, 3.8L engine, limited slip diff, big brakes,
    downforce, manual transmission. Wow what a machine, and we’re putting the
    house up for sale in the Spring, what timing. I may actually leave this
    beautiful machine stock, I can’t think of anything I would want to change.

  18. Damon Adrian says:

    good car but one deal breaker:

    IT’S THE PRICE OF A 911!

  19. Keukeu45 says:

    James May will looove this car

  20. Porsche Lauzon says:

    Check out the new Porsche Cayman GT4 on the nürburging racetrack! #caymanGT4

  21. Matty B says:

    Stunning car and great commercial! I bought a Cayman S to tool around in
    on the weekends but I find myself wanting to drive it everywhere. The car
    is that much fun to drive. I promise if you test one you’ll end up buying

  22. SupercarsGT says:

    All the world scare for see the new beast of Porsche