The 2012 Porsche Boxster S – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS


The 2012 Porsche Boxster S – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Porsche’s new 981 Boxster is an all-new design. Bigger, but lighter than before. We went to the launch event in the South of France to see how good it was. A…
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Boxster question by -_-: Turbo Boxster, yea or nae?
I’m wanting to get a second generation boxster s and pump 10 pounds of boost into it stock…ya. The boxster is what my yearlong search has been able to turn up as the the fit for the job. The job is a luxurious all-around race car, also my daily driver, that can hit a quarter mile in no more than twelve seconds flat . Id still much prefer to be able to sit anywhere in the tens though, so this vehicle is quite acceptable. Ive decided from my knowledge that this is not going to be to far of a push on the stock engine, but once again that is only my knowledge. So with all the knowledge elsewhere in cyberspace, I can get much more information. If this is too much to expect out of a stock boxer engine, what else would be necessary for me to carry out this kind of boost? I could just run a lower boost pressure as well and be happy with less power. Id be looking at a used porsche with somewhere between 50k and 100k for mileage, 100 being the limit of which I really can’t see myself being susceptible to anyway. So am I eccentric or just plain crazy?
Another option I would be ok with is lowering the compression and run higher boost if this would be an acceptable practice on the motor.

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Answer by xerowun
That motor in stock form won’t last long with 10 lbs of boost. Those are high compression motors, you’d snap a rod most likely. If you want to boost to those sorts of levels you will need forged internals.