The 2012 Porsche Boxster S – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Boxster S

The 2012 Porsche Boxster S – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Porsche’s new 981 Boxster is an all-new design. Bigger, but lighter than before. We went to the launch event in the South of France to see how good it was. A…
Boxster S Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. harlemkiid149 says:

    Boxster is still a girly looking car 

  2. mostafa ghoneim says:

    u drift like a boss

  3. chris herbert says:

    Best car reviewer ever! Sorry Clarkson

  4. Marc-Kenny DELLY says:


  5. Thomas Xie says:

    How much on average does it cost to maintain a boxster s?

  6. Yannick Bisaillon says:

    Allright ! A new Chris Harris video. This time, about the new *2012 Porsche
    Boxster S*… sweet :-) 

  7. Sandor21 says:

    This is labeled wrong btw… this is the 2013 model not 2012…. You know
    who makes comments like “poor man’s 911″ and stuff?? People who don’t /
    can’t own Porsches…. I have a 2011 Boxster and it’s by far the greatest
    car I’ve ever had (and I’ve had like 4 BMWs of various models). You don’t
    need any faster / better than a Boxster… especially if you have a big
    dick and not a micro penis like some of the commentors lol

  8. CarreraCaballo says:

    Girl’s Car?

    Boy’s Car?


    Just buy the car you want badly ;)

    Great review from Chris, as always :-)



  9. Ahmetcan Taşpınar says:

    This car is great

  10. Florian Haffner says:

    I think the new Boxter looks really sharp. Plus it has an addictive Go Kart

  11. John Kang says:

    God bloody hell. I really think my degree ruined my taste in cars.
    This car is perfect, beautiful, fast, accurate, light. However, I cannot
    help myself from shuddering a little bit when I heard 1200kg car only does
    20mpg. AHHHHHHHH! Photovoltaics why are you doing this to me?!

  12. Vijay Sankar says:

    Brilliant review of the Boxter, Chris. I honestly can’t think of a better
    (level headed) auto journalist than you.

  13. Vitaly Kutuzov says:

    I really like this car because of how ideal it is for London (like a big
    go-kart), but I think the back is just way too girly…
    It looks nice in white and dark grey though! 

  14. Speedmonkey says:

    Stop banging on about the steering! It’s brilliant! Duh!

  15. Kevin Sayarath says:

    Excellent car talk as always

  16. Tor Atle Lunde says:

    En bil for menn. Og frauleins.

  17. thomas delobel says:

    Chris your video always top notch

  18. Brian Acuesta says:

    I’ve also wanted a Ferrari 458 spider because of its convertible top and
    it’s beauty, in Australia Ferraris cost too much. But this is beautiful,
    costing less than 200k I will be off to the Porsche dealership as soon as
    it comes up out.

  19. Aidan Chong says:
  20. Pacific Porsche says:

    Chris Harris, takes the all new Porsche Boxster S out for a drive in the
    South of France and gives his take. How good is it? Well, through out the
    video he asks himself if he prefers it to the new 911!! What did he decide?
    Watch and find out!

  21. markd514 says:

    I never thought about it as girl/guy car. That doesn’t make sense. Who
    cares? I have driven a few boxsters and they are probably the most fun cars
    I have ever drive.