Supercharged Boxster exhaust 4.0

Boxster Exhaust Mod

Supercharged Boxster exhaust 4.0

My modified 99 Boxster, this version of the exhaust system has the supercharger in place, headers, stock cats, and new muffler.
Boxster exhaust mod Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. predatorpwr says:

    not too shabby

  2. BuddyLIM says:

    probably doesnt know wat a sc is

  3. ahahaah peice

  4. toniason says:

    I had a 2.5 with the BB pipes, I was told to NEVR mod the engine tho, what
    kind of ponies do you get? IT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!

  5. Gary Hand says:

    On two different dynoes i am putting around 210 to the wheels. Not bad
    considering brand new the 2.5 boxster only produces 201 at the flywheel.

  6. Phil Stevens says:

    nice what hp is the 2.5 pushing now as standard they are fairly slow ?

  7. Who made this Kit ? I want one!

  8. Gary Hand says:

    No its a supercharged 2.5l i have changed the muffler 4 times. hence the
    4.0 like the computer numbering systems for new versions of software.

  9. accordv6er says:

    wat charger and stuff you running, where to buy and how much?

  10. Andrew J says:

    @1999porscheboxster you are obviously an NA fan..

  11. errm,i’m sorry!4.0l you say?

  12. Gary Hand says:

    my 0-60 time is about 5.5 now

  13. lmc4lif says:

    thats good price..i wanna get one thanks for letting me know

  14. Gary Hand says:

    Its a kit made by Imagine Auto. The prices changes, I think its on sale

  15. FlightX101 says:

    @gwhand see? good car care goes a long way :) My dad is about to hit 200k
    soon in his van lol

  16. spineboy says:

    Supercharger sounds fricken awesome! – Which muffler are you using? – Any

  17. icezillah says:

    ok i got a 2004 porsche boxter just a normal one what cna i do to it so i
    can get more power out of it and what would the price be fore it please
    reply to me in email. oh and also does the porsche stand a chance with the
    2006 g35? please reply

  18. einmalderfelixbitte says:

    german license plates loook the best^^

  19. AstonV177 says:

    what did the kit cost you? I have an ’02 boxster s and am looking for more
    speed :)

  20. spineboy says:

    Don’t forget that the Boxster is a very light car, so 50 hp is a big gain.