– 2010 Porsche Panamera 4S Road Test & Review

Panamera 4S Executive – 2010 Porsche Panamera 4S Road Test & Review

Jessi Lang recently spent a week in the 2010 Porsche Panamera 4S. This sport sedan is nothing short of amazing. The all-wheel-drive Panamera 4S with its norm…
Panamera 4S Executive Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Michael Monk says:

    “It’s quiet a piece of eye candy” – Well.. maybe.. but Jessi is eye candy
    and ear candy. So let’s just forget the car.

  2. Mohammed Alrugaib says:

    I can’t stop looking and listening to Jessi although my Center of
    attentions was the Panamera. 

  3. netra gurung says:

    its a nice car as well as presentation good job 

  4. popeyepanther says:

    Thanks for the review. You didn’t have any negative comments though…..
    To good to be true? Either way, I’m going for a testdrive.

  5. Vie Sauveur says:

    Gorgeous Car, Gorgeous Reviewer and you cannot have either one of them.

  6. Bicep tattoo. (okay you like ‘em trashy)

  7. rocketballa4life says:

    @jimbolightningy leave

  8. seanvanginkel says:

    I wish I had a girl who knows cars and cooking.. Jessie I’m not sure about
    your cooking skills.. But you’re awsome!!!

  9. textthing says:

    The car is hideous. It’s like the 9-11 of Notre Dame.

  10. Tactical_Otter says:

    @Troy36s No,its the weight.

  11. First of she is gorgeous secondly the panamera is just so well rounded
    can’t think of a single negative thing about it

  12. Stephan Celcis says:

    jessi lang convinced me to buy not the 4s but the turbo, and shes so hott ;)

  13. Christopher Lace says:

    At 5:57 is what happens when you’re not in the kitchen.