Porsche Panamera Turbo (S) meets Suzuki B-King – GoPro HD

Panamera Turbo S

Porsche Panamera Turbo (S) meets Suzuki B-King – GoPro HD

this car costs 170000€ ^^ my bike only 1/10 of it http://www.facebook.com/bkingandy.
Panamera Turbo S Video Rating: 3 / 5

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Panamera Turbo S question by Sam: what would handle better a Mercedes 2008 e350 or a Porsche panamera?

Panamera Turbo S best answer:

Answer by Jesse W

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  1. billy m says:

    come on pass the car for christ sake !!! you keep letting off the gas you
    pussy !

  2. rossi nikki says:


  3. Mate Wiggy says:

    What’s the fucking point of this video? 

  4. 72karamba says:


  5. genrih genry says:


  6. 72karamba says:

    easy to drive a car so quickly, but the skills need to ride a motorcycle,
    the wind variable in direction

  7. hans wurstbude says:

    schnellfahren ist wohl eher eine frage der rücksichtslosigkeit anderen
    verkehrsteilnehmern gegenüber!

  8. you must love Germany awesome stuff :D DDDD

  9. SirAceMcFly says:

    hatte leider schon nen unfall mit ca 30-40 km frontal in nen kastenwagen
    rein ohne airbag . kriegte paar sekundenkeine luft wegen hosenträgergurt
    und fertig. und mein auto war so groß wie ein 1er golf damals,also kann ich

  10. slash46xx says:

    Comfort in a Porsche!!!!!!

  11. Kristián Kopáčik says:

    I’d love to have in my garage the suzuki B-king AND the porsche panamera
    turbo :) and once I will.

  12. dei mama says:

    wo fährst den da? =)

  13. BitGridTV says:

    well I wont feel better, but someone has to sign to do something. -or some
    peas on the street so that U cant co round the corner with 7000 RPM… btw
    im not native english speaking either :)

  14. Sebastian Aguilar says:

    Afortunadamente no tienes un Panamera!! y muchos macarras como tu solo
    tienen esa puta moto ya que es la unica forma de ir a 260 km/h por 15.000

  15. VRDucati says:

    RIP :’(

  16. Filip Haman says:

    Riding at this speed without any windshield, respect :)

  17. OK, so your Bike can keep up with a 4-Door Sedan. WOW!!

  18. Angela Merkel says:

    I think you´re right

  19. taking a complete guess here but seeing how the porsche is more of a sporty car i would think the porsche

  20. MagicSloth says:

    Porsche is generally lower to the ground so most likely that one.

  21. designergenes says:

    I researched a long list of cars versus the Porsche Panamera Turbo (There are four different Panameras.) a while back on Answers. I only considered sedans (four doors). That list included only one Mercedes — the 65 AMG, the big one. It included the Bentley Flying Spur, the Maserati Quadroporte, the new supercharged Jaguar, the Aston Martin Rapide, a Lamborghini, etc., etc.

    People can throw all sorts of subjective ideas into such a question: “best boulevard cruiser with rear dishwasher to handle my champagne flutes (Bentley),” “best pillow soft ride,” etc. I ignored that and concentrated on handling.

    People like to use 0 to 60 time as a measure of performance. It hardly tells all, but here are the results of the comparison: Panamera Turbo easily beat everything else with two exceptions: the Mercedes 65 AMG, which tied it in 0 to 60 at 4.0 seconds, and the Cadillac CTS-V, which beats both at 3.9 seconds. All three of these cars are faster in this test than the original Lamborghini Diablo.

    I’ve ridden in a Panamera 4S (AWD like the turbo, but with only 400 HP) and watched that car perform in a Porsche Club autocross. I’d quickly take this car over all the others, including the much heavier and more expensive Mercedes. In a test of the big Mercedes, Top Gear complained that it tended to overheat when pushed hard.