Porsche Macan Turbo tested on track – Is this the new SUV benchmark?

Macan S

Porsche Macan Turbo tested on track – Is this the new SUV benchmark?

The new Porsche Macan Turbo is more high-riding Cayman than junior Cayenne – in fact it’s the most fluid and engaging SUV we’ve ever driven. Steve Sutcliffe …
Macan S Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ProteanView says:

    That is no SUV. That is a hatchback. In The States, hatchbacks are seen as
    economy cars. It just looks low-rent to me. I’m sure some undiscerning Real
    Housewives or celebrities might buy it because it’s a Porsche and it’s new.
    If I wanted a sporty SUV that really looked like an SUV and not a
    hatchback, I’d go for the Audi SQ5.

  2. Jarrod Gill says:

    Seems a bit pointless to me. And I’m a diehard Porsche fan. Am I missing

  3. Jonathan Cheung says:

    The most pointless car ever. 

  4. Cybergig00 says:

    G65 eat your heart out

  5. Cade Nguyen says:

    Steve is my hero….hahahah…love the smug look on his face after being
    told off for drifting

  6. Lars Agerbæk says:

    SUVs is Europe succumbing to mass imigration of arabs and africans. The
    whole point of an SUV is to sit above the rest of traffic and look down
    upon them just like all american cars are all made to make the driver feel
    big. Had western civilizations not turned so multicultural, they would
    never have invented something as stupid, needless and vulgar as SUVs.

  7. EpochOfReason1 says:

    After weeks of test driving and researching all of the sports SUV’s in
    Australia, including but not limited to the Bmw X6M, Mercedes ML500, Range
    Rover Sport, Audi Q5 TDI, Volvo XC60-R and the Porsche Cayenne GTS. I ended
    up buying the 2013 Infiniti QX70S, absolutely incredible car and I couldn’t
    be happier. Enjoy paying twice as much for the above cars which have the
    same features and the same or lessor level of performance; you’re paying
    for the badge not the car.

  8. Alexandre Fernandes says:

    If the Macan is the best sport SUV, how would it compare against a Mercedes
    A45AMG and BMW 135i?
    I think that would be interesting to see. Does the Macan cover those two
    cars and offer plus, the fact of being a SUV?


    Before you people judge this car, maybe you should drive on!! this car
    drives absolutely crazy and its not a hatchback at all its a real small

  10. Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis says:

    Macan? Sounds like a type of pastry.

  11. Dominik MJ says:

    I just might get the notion, that Porsche is changing “their ways”.
    But before everybody choirs, that it drives better than the Cayenne – lets
    wait for the next “new” Cayenne…
    But anyways – maybe we will see a stronger Boxster and Cayman soon. Change
    take time – but since Wiedeking is gone, there are a lot of new impulses in
    Porsche… Would love to see a Cayman and Boxster Turbo [or GT3]…

  12. RuthlessConnectioN88 says:

    is anyone who buys one of these taking it offroad? or “would” I be the only
    one “if” and possibly “when”

  13. Patrick Ford says:

    McLaren told Chris Harris he could do whatever with their press demo mule.
    They said it was up to whatever you could throw at it and more. I like that
    in a manufacturer.

    It bugs me when manufacturers invite people to drive a SPORTS VEHICLE WITH
    they put around like grannies. Honestly, you don’t really know what a car
    is like unless you are close to the limit.

    COME ON PORSCHE, invite the media to rag it out. Beat on it. Are you not
    proud of it?