Porsche Cayman S w/ Milltek Sport Exhaust System!

Cayman S Milltek

Porsche Cayman S w/ Milltek Sport Exhaust System!

This video shows a Porsche Cayman S fitted with a Milltek Sport Exhaust System. I have filmed this Cayman around the Nurburgring racetrack. I really like the…
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  1. E. Alexander says:

    what type of blue is this car?

  2. fucking idiot, 911 headlights? ricer rims, why ruin such a great car 

  3. Armen Hammer says:

    The back is so sexy 

  4. Fredo platel says:

    very good !! merci

  5. NM2255 Car HD Videos says:

    Looking good, love that color!

  6. EuropeansCars says:

    So this Cayman was made to a track car:)

  7. szsTuning1 says:

    the color… omg

  8. Seems to have had a 911 headlight conversion too!

  9. That Cayman looks amazing. First time I see one rolling on Volk TE37
    wheels. And it seems they converted the front to a 997 Carrera (headlights
    and bumper).

  10. J.C VenomDrifter says:

    Sounds good

  11. Wow it has face of 911

  12. so nice

  13. That’s mexico blue, right?

  14. Misha Malov says:


  15. Saulo Henrique Garcia Novo says:

    GUMBAL the only channel that shows porsches… thanks man!

  16. Great job Gumbal, i really love the matte blue, mixing the matte blue on
    the white Volk TE37s. I am a new Supercar YouTuber but i have a bad camera
    and i live in Denmark, as there arent that many events or supercars. Its
    lovely to know a guy that owns like a thousand dollars in cars, as he has
    original james bond movie cars, real le mans cars, one of the worlds most
    expensive cars the ferrari (it is a relica lol but still) he also owns
    several of the danishs queens cars, morgans, audis,lambos,ferraris etc have
    a nice christmas :)