Porsche Cayman S Borla XR-1 Exhaust Fabspeed Headers

Porsche Cayman S Straight Pipe

Porsche Cayman S Borla XR-1 Exhaust Fabspeed Headers

Showing the difference in sound by adding Fabspeed catless race headers to the Borla XR-1 exhaust. Disclaimer, this video is for informational purposes only,…
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  1. Jeremey Allen says:

    The headers ruined the sound.

  2. jesus… terrible clutch brutality going on in this video. 

  3. Ash Varikkat says:

    I have recently installed Borla XR-1 cat-back on my 2007 Cayman S. It
    really sounds good compared to stock. First few weeks, the drone was
    bothering me, but now, I am avoiding 2K – 3K rpm levels where it drones
    most. I have read one of your posts that after putting Fabspeed headers,
    the drone tapered at 2600 rpm. Can you provide some feedback as to what is
    most enjoyable? stock or Fabspeed headers? I am planning to put headers
    with sports cats if that gives more driving pleasure and less or reduced
    drone. I also would prefer less in-car noise overall.

  4. gumball7790 says:

    nice plate… grey alligator :D like it!

  5. Real nice sounding car….A lot of clutch slipping on take off though…I
    bet those suckers are spendy.. I love borla exhaust!

  6. Marc-André Blais says:

    I ike the sound when it’s High RPM, but not low RPM

  7. @SeattleN8 Please enlighten me on “the feel of the clutch”. I’m 17, drive
    an automatic ’11 Mustang, and am interested in buying a used Porsche in the

  8. Redmed427x says:

    That sounds amazing!

  9. SeattleN8 says:

    If you guys have driven a cayman, you would know that his start is perfect
    due to the feel of the clutch. How do I know? I own one. Great video.
    Fantastic sound!

  10. Fadzli Faudzi says:

    A porsche should not sound like this…

  11. bavariamotorist says:

    Wow! This is a great video. First, you really got on it at idle so we could
    actually hear the sound. Seems simple, but many video-makers are too scared
    to do this. Secondly, I love the comparison between the Borla with and
    without the Fabspeed. This is going a long way to convince me I should go
    this route instead of FVD (M&M) route. Have you dynoed? I’m sure you
    haven’t, but it’s interesting to see if there are any performance gains to
    be had.

  12. Damn man, nice video. Im really diggin’ the sound you got on this cayman.
    Is that all you got on there is the Borla exhaust and Fabspeed headers?

  13. jsanders347 says:

    That sounds terrible at low rpm