Porsche Cayman GTS and Boxster GTS review – are they worth it?

Porsche Boxster S Launch Control

Porsche Cayman GTS and Boxster GTS review – are they worth it?

Are the GTS versions of the Porsche Cayman and Boxster worth the extra money? And which is best: the Cayman or the Boxster? Porsche Cayman GTS review: http:/…
Porsche Boxster s launch control Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Sandouras says:

    Porsche is the king of bullshit extras. Oh you want the P badges on your
    rims to have colour? Oh you need to pay for that mate. You want a little
    clock on your dash? Pay up. You want the clock in a different colour? That
    ll be 400 euros.


  2. Krunal Rindani says:

    Mat Watson- The best car reviewer on YouTube!

  3. Jeff Puha says:

    As the years roll on, fewer and fewer people can actually afford
    Porsche’s-any Porsche’s. That’s sad. This car STARTS at $75k! I’d like
    Porsche to make the 912 again-a lightweight, basic sports car with a flat-4
    engine of about 225-hp for around $40k. No PTV, no Sport-Chrono, no PASM,
    no variable exhaust, no electric seats, etc. Just an honest, no-frills
    sports car. I’d be even happier if they would only equip it with the
    7-speed manual. My fantasy.

  4. But…but…those smoked tail lights…

  5. Matt and Chris Harris for TopGear UK! :D 

  6. porscheoscar says:

    It will definitely be worth the money when its lost half its value and the
    previous owner barely drove the car. Also, the Boxster drives better than
    the Cayman. But these are really the same car, it’s only Porsche marketing
    that tries to get everyone to think they are different cars. They’re no
    more different cars than a 911 Cabriolet is different than a 911 tin top,
    both are still Carreras using the same parts bin. For marketing reasons
    Porsche decided to sell them to the public as different cars. And
    ironically, the Boxster handles better than the Cayman (and 911) because it
    has a lower center of gravity, it simply does not need the extra rigidity
    of the Cayman if it comes at the cost of more weight up top (where you
    least want it) and has mid engine handling on a short wheelbase. Which is
    precisely why Porsche give the Cayman 10 more horsepower than the Boxster,
    to reduce the advantage of the Boxster’s lower center of gravity. Basically
    if you had the same engine in a Boxster, Cayman and 911, the Boxster would
    be the quickest in the hands of 99.9% of drivers. And if they ever add rear
    wheel steering to the Boxster, like on the new GT3, it will be no contest
    win for the Boxster. But Porsche would never do this because as most
    suspect, it costs more to make a Boxster than a base 911, so the profit
    margin is probably much better with the 911.

  7. Connor M. says:

    Pretty ignorant comments coming in here after this video.. Some of what he
    said really wasn’t completely true (as in he missed a few details on the
    options and what they get you). For me, the car is totally worth the extra
    money. Even if you don’t want the PDK or whatever else because by the time
    you outfit a standard Cayman S with the right paint and a proper interior,
    it’ll cost the same anyways (at least for me on the configurator).

    Aside from that though, noticeable increase in quality of videos! Great
    work Auto Express!

  8. Everybody, pause at 6:06

  9. ellasOLE22 says:

    Launch control isnt useless. I use it all the time when a retard in his SSS
    Pulsar starts revving his shitbox at the lights. 

  10. Very good review for both cars as well as what value the extra GTS brings
    or in this case doesn’t bring. I do think the options are ridicules and
    prices are at extortionate rates but hay it’s a Porsche what else should we
    expect. Trading in the F30 335i M Performance and getting me a Boxter S
    2013 with lots of extras for a fraction of the new asking price, best way
    forward get the car when it’s a year old when it has lost its new premium
    price tag, makes sense for the less wealthy ;-) 

  11. diztorcion666 says:

    The gts might be a better buy if you think about resale value, I’m not an
    expert but it seems like the kind of thing that drives the resale price up
    a little bit.

  12. blocksterz says:

    I won’t be surprised if one day Porsche hands you a steering wheel and tell
    you the rest are options

  13. ferw swer says:

    thank you sooo much. GREAT video.

  14. Michael D'Silva says:

    I think that the fact he chose the Boxster over the Cayman says it all… 

  15. Ahmed Saeed says:

    i have porsche caynne S 2013 bought for 100k$ brand new and after driving
    just 24k kms i can hear irritating little noises from my interior. anyone
    else also experiencing same thing? 

  16. I bet with a bit of upgrading, this thing could be as quick as a 911. 

  17. Ioanides001 says:

    Actually just those mountains and the clear day + the good tarmac are quite
    enough to have a very good day, isn’t it? I can easily see myself in my
    S2000 having a memorable day, without stupidly spending all those money on
    a small car with a badge. Any drop top would, in fact.

    Funny how car manufacturers will always launch their new cars in perfect
    locations – outdoors or racing tracks. They want us to associate their
    brand image with escapism in beautiful (and traffic-free) places and
    cutting edge motorsport driving (not competition, mind you).

  18. korintus nara says:

    i would not choose the pdk, i would rather drive it with a lovely 6 speed

  19. Daban Yaseen says:

    my advise for anyone who listens, dont buy an expensive car which means
    over $30,000 if you dont live in a good place, example in my country, there
    isnt any good place to drive it, the petrol is very bad, and rich people
    still buy range rover autobiography which costs $180,000 or S500 which
    costs $170.000 and just after a few years the cars engine gets fucked up
    with that bad petrol. my teacher told me that he can buy 4 Bugatti cars
    right now but its not worth it if you drive it in here, but if you live in
    a good place like in this video, buy it, life is too short, i would love to
    live in a place like that, so that i could spend my money on good things

  20. keithskillz90210 says:

    This was GREAT commentary. So real & raw. Not pretentious at all. Thanks
    for applying these concepts to real world experience. I’d like to see more
    of your vids. BTW…I never thought about it, but when would one EVER use
    launch control outside of a drag strip? Put a proper clutch in there and
    you don’t need it. These car manufacturers are turning men into weenies.
    Better yet, they are trying to make their cars more appealing to weenies.
    Here’s looking at you GTR…