Porsche Cayenne GTS Exhaust

Cayenne GTS

Porsche Cayenne GTS Exhaust

Listen to the GTS exhaust at normal and SPORT modes.
Cayenne GTS Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. arabiankn8 says:

    Cayenne GTS sounds really awesome! Thanks for this video. Amazing car!

  2. UnSaintLike says:

    Mercedes is a luxurious and comfortable car. No doubt about that. The AMG
    models seem a little confused as they defeat the purpose of a Mercedes

  3. AMG’S are nice..but Mercedes has no soul

  4. Sport mode is music to the ears!

  5. 2007TypeR says:

    Sport mode opens up a baffle within the exhaust system I believe. At least
    that’s what happened in the 997 C2S that I drove

  6. yea it is i noticed 2

  7. Diego Mirones García says:

    @addison567 well it depends do u want a sporty car or a powerfull one

  8. britishcarfan says:

    thats the reflection of the camera

  9. Daniel Fischer says:

    @Corveette The X6M is pretty fuckin amazing.

  10. canberksenolsun says:

    I am going to purchase this sport exhaust kit tomorrow!!!

  11. skullcandy071 says:

    I have a Cayenne GTS and I love the way it handles. I usually have it in
    sports mode all the time. It sounds better but wastes more gas. The pop out
    rear view camera is also bad ass

  12. id have that beast in sport mode all the time. sexiest SUV out there.

  13. CrazyForCarsAt13 says:

    amazing car

  14. fantastic sound ..keep it up .. We want more vdis about cayenne GTS

  15. RosannainMiami says:

    :D I love my Porsche

  16. JackNapier19 says:

    AMG behind the GTS ?

  17. sounds brilliant but i almost cried when he revved it right after cranking
    it (no oil being pumped when the engine is started) and I hope the engine
    was already warm….

  18. supaflyrmg says:

    @Corveette you could get an X5 w/ a standard tranny a few years back

  19. UnSaintLike says:

    Yes, the GTS is finally a SUV that has the essence of a sports car
    (including a 6 speed manual)

  20. Israel Flores says:

    wats the difference with the cayenne gts and the cayenne turbo which ones

  21. abeerbeer1 says:

    @Corveette ML550 is faster than Cayenne gts and first gen turbo, ML63
    molestes the new Cayenne turbo, unless your talking opinion I fail to see
    how either the BMW or Cayenne are better than the AMG ML.

  22. @DhabyaniVIP The Turbo has the same engine as the GTS but plus the
    turbocharger. Also, the suspension on the GTS is purely street tuned, while
    the Turbo is a more all around SUV.