Porsche Cayenne: drifting, off-roading and review

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid 2013 Review

Porsche Cayenne: drifting, off-roading and review

We take the Porsche Cayenne Turbo drifting, the S off-roading and economy-test the Hybrid. Read the whole review at: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/videos/feat…
Porsche Cayenne s hybrid 2013 review Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Carvidos says:

    Porsche Catenne Review

  2. Dawid Superszybki says:

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    /▌ all over Youtube
    / so he can take over and take down Google+

  3. Lumanix1 says:

    it was done at Porsche’s test track in Germany. i just watch the National
    Geographic Megafactories on the making of the Porsche Panamaro

  4. outrigger777 says:

    I’m sure the Cayenne is a great car to drive, but that’s not the main
    reason to buy an SUV, is it? My XC90 is fun to drive too, and it has a lot
    more hauling capability (for people & stuff). And the last I heard, Land
    Rover’s reliability has gotten a lot better.

  5. jeepsrt8beast says:

    I thought they were faster ,they are the same speed as jeep srt8 but cost

  6. 100% agree

  7. Marinos Filis says:

    X5 and this are best

  8. freshjnew says:

    I agree it looks better but it’s still no supermodel. I want the turbo, or
    a gts. But either way I doubt I would be disappointed.

  9. Avinshu Aneja says:

    I somehow find cayenne better than all range rovers

  10. omar matar says:

    isn’t matt reviewing in the carbuyer channel? what makes him in this review?

  11. LDN13Y says:

    I can’t tell whether you’re sarcastically taking the piss ? Or deaf, blind
    and dumb ?

  12. BorisHooiBoef says:

    I’ve sent a whambulance for you!

  13. bevardoss says:

    because he is british you stupid monkey

  14. how to make the cayenne to send all the power to the rear wheels??

  15. Brent Taylor says:

    You’d be surprised how used to the lights you would become after having one
    for a bit.

  16. Tony27nine says:

    @MrAmirr76 Except that there still isn’t a Landrover that can come within a
    country mile of the fuel consumption.