Porsche Boxster S – 986 Remove Engine Cover – Replace Air Filter RiversidePCA How To

Boxster Top Replacement

Porsche Boxster S – 986 Remove Engine Cover – Replace Air Filter RiversidePCA How To

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Boxster top replacement question by bored so i’m here: Porsche Cayman or Boxster?
Cayman: Pros: Better exterior, Automatic transmission, cheaper (with my add-on’s)
Cons: Not that great of an interior, don’t like interior & exterior colors
Boxster: Pros: Better Interior, Convertible, sleeker look overall
Cons: Bad exterior look with top on, Soft top, costs a little more

Which one would be more of a head turner? Which one do you like better?

Boxster top replacement best answer:

Answer by Billmeister
The Boxster cost a little more? Are they in the same year? If you don’t want to pay for top replacement later,Cayman is the way to go.If you want a stick and the Boxster is, then maybe the Boxster is the way to go.

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  1. Christopher Morley says:

    Great video. Thanks a lot. I have a K&N air filter I willl try to put in my
    Boxster today. One question, did you leave your engine running when
    removing the air filter? If so I wouldn’t suggest anyone tries that at
    home, if anything falls in or gets sucked in its game over engine. 

  2. Spence Kissack says:

    Thank you humanwrx, cool vid, enlightening.

  3. mytjoemaine says:

    That’s alot of work just to change the air filter bit it is easy 

  4. Hoss365Uk says:

    Thanks for this ,, Changed my air filter today, So much easier after
    watching this….

  5. Tea Sessions says:

    Great video thanks! Can your next video show how to replace the coils
    please! haha

  6. humanwrx says:

    @germagic2 Your welcome… i’ll try and get more helpful videos up soon.

  7. FCK me youre the cleanest tech ive ever seen lol im gonna tell my local
    garage that i want them in shirt & trouser’s next time they work on my dam
    CAR or else ill bring it to you :-)

  8. Korey Riker says:

    I like how you do this in a dress shirt with slacks…and a watch! Nice

  9. Douglas Au says:

    awesome video man thanks. do you have an oil change one? and how much money
    can you save servicing your own car?

  10. Porsche Boxster says:

    Thank you for your excellent video. One question, what’s safety mode?

  11. juacox36097 says:

    ,i did all ,i didnt know how my own engine is. it’s really dirty, now a
    video about your engine cleaning !

  12. Hi mate, any chance on doing a follow up video on putting it all back
    together again?

  13. You’re welcome.. i’ll try and get some more up soon

  14. @humanwrx now its good