Porsche Boxster “Love Story” video; Patrick Stewart narrates

Porsche Boxster Love Story

Porsche Boxster “Love Story” video; Patrick Stewart narrates

This video has been wandering around my various computer hard drives since around 1997… got it on a promo disc from Road & Track magazine… I think it’s a…
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Porsche Boxster love story question by Ian: Older 911 vs. newer Boxster?
I’m considering buying a used Porsche. With my budget, I can get a mid 1970′s 911 in seemingly decent shape, or a newer (2002-2003 or so) Boxster. Which is a better investment, and more importantly, which will I enjoy more? I’ve heard some bad stories about that era 911, but I’m also fairly certain a used Boxster is not going to hold much value. Thoughts?

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Answer by Yalah Habibi
the 911 is much better, more hp and is better looking

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  1. Alessa Farbenfreude says:

    Gosh, I couldn’t care less about the car (in fact, the last minute of the
    video could be cut) but Patrick Stewart’s voice makes me shiver…

  2. hanaldo says:

    Dieser Werbespot ist mit Abstand der beste den ich je gesehen hab – und
    dazu noch die ergreifende Stimme von Patrick Stewart – der Hammer. Tausend
    Dank fürs hochladen!

  3. mihaistud says:

    Can someone tell me what is the song from this video? Thank you !!!

  4. vmp-productions says:

    Great tears from my eyes 3:00 onwards. I love my 987 Boxster also! It is
    truly an ‘alive’ being.

  5. Tranchera says:

    There’s Patrick Stewart, but then there’s RICARDO MONTALBAN. I’m sorry, but
    I’d buy a car from Ricardo any day.

  6. Bethiam1 says:

    I LOVE this vid! My Boxster has literally saved my life. The feeling of
    total freedom and pleasure I get from dropping the top and driving the
    canyoos takes me away from nasty co-workers, boring work, a world at
    war…all of it. If you’ve ever thought about owning a Porsche, buy one
    now…while we’re still at peak oil.

  7. sondano says:

    Patrick Stewart > Porsche

  8. pollockchristopher says:

    that was so incredibly emotional

  9. Binny Box says:

    I am proud owner of 2005 Boxster S. There is nothing like owning a car like
    these….guess most of people reading this may never find out. How lovely
    it is to drive one… :) Infact…this video makes whole sense as to how I
    really feel….truly a definition of “there is a no substitue”

  10. I have been looking for this video on the internet for 10 years! It is just
    as good as I remember…

  11. It is really hard to not press that accelerator when you sound of humming
    engine when dowshift…:-) An fantastic car. I can not get enogh..:-)

  12. Chi Shannon says:

    I think Patrick Stewart just sold me a car…

  13. megafranz1981 says:


  14. Bobofwestoregonusa says:

    No, only Partick Stewart could do that.

  15. Kedar Ben Judah says:

    I had this video before an embeded it in a personal page on a social
    network the the poseter pulled it for some reason I’ll never know but I’m
    glad you posted it here I love this

  16. robbielazlo says:

    I was so taken by this when it first “aired” (CD for Auto Show) — actually
    tried years later to find it — had an employee on it — so thanks DIRF.

  17. SERVITE888 says:

    I have only owned older used porsches but I must say these no other car is
    like them they are truly fun cars

  18. BeverlyJeanway says:

    His voice is so soothing. I could listen to it all day… no matter what he
    was saying, lol.

  19. Keith Harris says:

    Great video , just bought a boxster and can relate to the feelings in this
    film . Well done for keeping it so long , thanks .

  20. twinaviation says:

    Another proud owner of gorgeous Porscha Boxter.There is no other car that
    can give you just another reason to have stroll down to beach..

  21. You are very welcome, glad to be of help :D

  22. BandiTT007 says:

    Thumbs up!!!

  23. ArizonaBoxster says:

    awesome video…

  24. AutobahnSHO says:

    SWEEEET. ps- that tunnel at 3:29 is in some of the Need for Speed games. :-)

  25. klutch914 says:

    thanks for sharing

  26. Quite a bit to consider here, with the ultimate choice coming down to what you really want as these are extremely different cars. And then there are some other considerations too… but first, just the cars:

    By a “mid 70s” 911, I would guess you are referring to the ’74-’77 911S. These cars have a lesser reputation as they had some major issues related to changes that came about in 1974 and 1975. The 2.7L engine as it left the factory had some major weak points… however, 30+ years on, it’s very unlikely that you would find a car where these problems haven’t been addressed; as long as they’ve been addressed correctly the 2.7L is a strong and reliable 911 engine (ideally, thermal reactors removed if they were originally in place, upgraded to the 11 blade fan, and engine rebuilt with racewear head studs… divilar studs also a passable choice and Carrera tensioners are always desirable on any of the pre-3.2L cars). Rust will also be a concern on any car this old. Less so than with the earlier non-galvanized bodies, but this is still an area that can quickly lead to costs that will quickly run multiple time the value of the car.

    Aside from just being a convertible, the Boxster is a very different car. The 2.7L Boxster is a car who’s design is based in the late 1990s (the 911′s design was in the early 1960s), and it will feel like a much newer car in terms of ergonomics and features. While the engine is the same size it produces much more power and has a stronger and more usable torque curve. The suspension is both easier riding and better in terms of grip. The brakes are stronger. But as with all modern cars it is also further removed from the driving experience… the older car is more immeidate, lighter, and if you are so inclined, you’ll find it filled with more character (if not so inclined, you’ll find it full of age and design related flaws).

    In terms of holding value, the 911S will do better since it’s already had 30+ years of devaluation. As such, it’s value will most likely be more affected by changes in currency value and other such factors than on going devaluation. It will always remain less desiable than those cars that came just before and just after though, and changes in the market value of either of those will have the potential of pushing the value of these cars lower.

    Early Boxsters are already seeing very low prices, but looking back to other entry level Porsche models, it is likely they will continue to go down in price towards similar price points seen by the Porsche 912, 914, 924, and 944 models, suggesting that they will continue to devalue at a reasonable rate. This will most likely be held back somewhat by the fact that the Boxster offers a similar level of performance to many of the older “classic” cars, but will still be unlikley to change this trend.

    As for issues with the modern cars, the M96 engines have shown some fairly major problems as well. Intermediate Shaft failures are not common, but far more common than they should be. The rear main seal has been an issue, as well as some other things.

    If either of these car’s are at the limit of your budget though, they should be avoided. Porsches are well built, reliable cars. But a potential mistake made by buyers of older models is misunderstanding the potnetial cost of ownership. While they are reliable and can often be had for very attractive prices, if repairs are needed, these costs will be reflective of the fact that these were expensive premium cars when new. And while maintenance is not much more expensive than other models, ANY deferred maintenance will almost certainly have very costly consequences down the road. Be certain you can afford these cars before buying one!

    And when buying one, make sure you have it checked out by a knowledgable Porsche mechanic. The cost of a pre-purchase inspection will easily pay for itself in what it will save you.

    As for thoughts on the two cars? If you are looking for a car that will see regular or even occassional track time, I would lean towards the older car. There is a great deal of proven support for this platform, and if properly sorted out, it will be a fun and reliable car in this environment (as well as offering a hard top). The Boxster works fine here as well, but given the choice, I might feel tenative with the M96 engine running at/near redline so often with the IMS issues (although realistically, this is probably a pretty small chance of being a problem… just a costly one if it happens).

    On the other hand, as a weekend car for a sunny day, the Boxter is more comfortable, more modern, and has a removable top! The older 911 is good here as well, but it’s a creature from another time and it will show. In terms of performance, the Boxster will be faster thanks to 30 years of development between these cars, but not as much of a difference as some of the numbers might lead you to think.

  27. You can probably also afford a 1999 or 2000 Porsche type 996 (aka 911 Carrera). A very few of them suffered from an oil seal problem that made the price of them drop way lower than earlier air cooled type 993 911 models and 2002 and later type 996 and type 997 911 models.

    I’m not telling you to buy a car with serious problems… really.

    Now, think for a second, the cars that were going to have these problems mostly have had them already… really.

    You can find them for as low as $ 14,000 at an auction and between $ 18,000 and $ 25,000 all over the place. Throw another grand on for extended warranty and even if something happens…

    I have a 1999 black on black 996 Carrera 2 I bought 3 years ago.

  28. DAT GUY says:

    Old 911s are a joke, underpowered, ugly and scary to corner.. why would you want that? if your so inclined to get a POS Porsche get the Boxster because at least they can handle well.

    DUDE: Firstly, they are underpowered for there price range, the 2.7 series took the engine from a VW van and only produces 165 bhp. It was a joke, compare it took the jaguar E-type Series II which has 265 bhp. Also, the asker doesn’t seem like a F1 driver so I don’t think he wants a challenging car to drive, he wants a car he can drive daily, to work and back home again. Porsches are way to overrated, I’d take a 13 year old Honda Civic over any Porsche.

  29. Motorhead says:

    While the 911 is the better car, being older there will be more unkowns.
    And that is fine if you enjoy checking and working on the car.
    But bad if you have to rely on expensive dealerships.

    So a 911 is like a motorcycle. It is more fun, but you need to check it out every time you want to drive it.
    The Boxster can be ignored more and still be reasonably reliable.