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Boxster Clutch Replacement

Porsche 996 Transmission & Porsche Boxster Transmission & Clutch Motor Meister

Porsche 996 Transmission rebuild & Boxster Transmission rebuild & stock 996 and boxster clutch compared to Kevlar clutch conversion. Looking over 996 & Boxst…
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Boxster clutch replacement question by Will: Confused!! Salvage Lamborghini Gallardo or build a replica?
Should I buy a salvage Lamborghini Gallardo or build a replica.

The replica is going to have cheaper maintenance, but the feeling is not there? This Lamborghini disease of mine seems to never go away, I can’t find a cure for it. I found a Salvage Gallardo for
for 35K, but It needs at least 10K worth of repairs. Or should I build a replica using a Fiero or Porsche boxster chassis.

Since 2006, I’ve been attached to this f**K car, I also love corvette or vipers, thousands of other cars..etc but I keep coming back to the Gallardo, so therefore I’ve decided to buy one.

If I build a replica, then I have to buy the real one some day because the disease is not going go away until I buy the real thing!

My Plan,

Drive the Gallardo replica 5 days a week, drive the the real Gallardo on weekends or special occasions.

I just don’t want to pay 8K for a clutch or other service, the real one cost about $ 3 a mile to operate!!

As an exotic car depreciates, its purchase price may go down to half of new. Unfortunately, the repair and maintenance costs are still full price. replacement parts prices range from merely expensive to truly obscene…

Sorry for the headache
Thank You

Boxster clutch replacement best answer:

Answer by Ashley
Lol exotic cars are exotic 4 a reason lol. U should work 4 lambo if u are willing 2 build 1 were hiring :) . But on the flip side Yes get the real deal. Fyi. It will b more than 10k. Get the real deal. Theirs nothing like the sound of that bad boy hahahha hahah. But I understand. But theirs nothing like the real deal. The parts on the lambo are expensive trust me!!!!!!!!!

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