Porsche 911 vs Ferrari 430 – Top Gear series 9 – BBC

911 Carrera S

Porsche 911 vs Ferrari 430 – Top Gear series 9 – BBC

It may be hard to believe but, Jeremy Clarkson changes his opinion about the benefits of the new Porsche 911 over the Ferrari 430 in this clip from Top Gear …
911 Carrera S Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. maksuree says:

    ‘only produces 300 carbon dioxides’
    wait, what?

  2. justin smith says:

    188 wives are fat hags

  3. LCdrDerrick says:

    An old aircooled 911 has indeed as much emotion as a Fiat. For a German the
    Fiat is out of the question anyway, because of reliability and quality
    issues. Ok, especially the plastic era Porsche shown here is way to German,
    to functional, to martial with it hard edges here and there, although the
    911 as a brand is quite untypical femal and soft shaped. More a pretty
    Spitfire than an ugly Messerschmitt.

  4. Allen Jackson says:

    Every celebrity that lives in L.A. should get this year 911 turbo. The city
    would get cleaner

  5. ScumbagMafia says:

    I just had the honor of recovering a very early Irish Green 911 all
    original car #302226. After sitting in a barn for over 20 years it was up
    and running in less than 48 hours, a true testament to the great Doctors
    love and passion for the automobile. I have documented the story on my
    channel of how a 39 year old kid found one of the earliest ground breaking
    vehicles of all time. Happy 50th Porsche!

  6. PS2Gameplays says:

    240p… we meet again reply, we meet again…

  7. MarkoCarCollector says:

    0:07 lol richard’s face :D

  8. MagicAyrtonforever says:

    You might want to try one though, they are like Marmite, you either love
    them or hate them.. I love them.

  9. cluxseltoot says:

    Do these two guys practice looking like Wurzel Gummage?

  10. YouTubeYouTube says:

    GT-R : Cheaper, but you must remember that it does not have the build up
    quality and precision of the 911. So please stop calling GT-R is better
    than 911 because they’re completely in a different segment. I tested the
    996 Carrera and I personally think it’s a lot more fun than driving the
    2008 Nissan GT-R that I tried.

  11. YesIAmThatCoolBitch says:

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  12. YesIAmThatCoolBitch says:

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  13. ECV SCARYxCOOKIE says:

    you’re the on being butthurt about the first joke tbh

  14. personofhell1 says:

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  15. TechingGear says:

    Toyota Pry-Us!!