Porsche 911 tries to escape the police

911 GT3

Porsche 911 tries to escape the police

Subtitles added to the video! They’re not perfect but should be sufficient for the story. Background info: A 42-year old man from Purmerend, the Netherlands …
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911 GT3 question by Peacock: Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Porsche 911 GT3?
I am currently looking at the different denominations of the porsche 911 and I can’t seem to find the answers to my question about them:

On the official retailer’s website a 911 Turbo S is listed at 659k while the GT3 is listed at 491k (local currency).

Isn’t the GT3 supposed to be a better car than the Turbo S? If so, why is it a whole 160k cheaper while also being less performant (3.1s vs 3.5s for 0-100) and (318kmh vs 315kmh top speed) and (560hp vs 475hp).

Thanks in advance for any clarification

911 GT3 best answer:

Answer by n0t4c|u3
If you’re talking 2014 models, maybe it’s the 911Turbo S’s 0-60 time of 2.7 seconds vs 3.3 seconds for the 911 GT3. Maybe it’s the 147HP per liter of the Turbo S vs the 125HP per liter of the of the GT3.
Maybe it’s just because the 911 turbo S is more car than the GT3.


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  1. Fürst Mali says:

    that poor porsche!

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    The subtitles make me cry.

  3. Tommy Vogt says:


    Porsche 911 tries to escape the police

  4. Argenis Alfonso says:

    Hahahah Lol Gta fan dude haha

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    3 stars shit… hydra cheat… rocket that bitch

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    LOL XD starten een meting = starting measuring his speed ;)

  8. StlyDutch says:

    It’s Dutch you’re not even close. Although I have to admit this guy has a
    very hard and ugly g-sound.

  9. Ignorance* That doesn’t really help your case bud. Now, lets take a trip
    back to 2nd grade and learn proper grammar shall we?

  10. epicdude696969 says:

    kind of reminds me of need for speed high stakes

  11. Nox Fliel says:

    Don’t even bother with jail. Double tap to the head and leave the body by
    tge road.

  12. kevintjeownzu says:

    if the law wasn’t so softy, we also had rough cops like in the US… even
    the punishments are nothing compared to the States.

  13. nanosec111 says:

    Tricky bastards!

  14. Blockhuepf25 says:

    Why not? XD please don’t argue you all :)

  15. Christiaan Compaan says:

    Also a little facts, they used a technique to create a traffic jam so the
    porsche driver is forced to slow down. This technique worked here but a few
    months ago they did the same but the car they where chasing didn’t notice
    the traffic jam and hit it at full speed.

  16. Cyberat Rodent says:

    Purchase a track for the weekend and watch that safely, this is NOT a video
    game, peoples’ lives are at risk, jerk.

  17. Rachid Goeloe says:

    to bad you don’t understand dutch , i think you don’t know french ,Spanish
    and papiamentu either , lame

  18. armandocoone says:


  19. The GT3, in the interest of weight savings, does not have some of the standard features of the Turbo.

  20. designergenes says:

    The Turbo S is a luxury sports car. Ceramic brakes are standard equipment, as is an integrated communications module that includes hands-free phone and navigation. These are both options on the GT3, and the brakes are a whopping $ 8,415 US extra on all but the Turbo S.

    The Turbo S is all-wheel drive; the GT3 is RWD (a lot of weight the GT3 is not carrying around the race track). The GT3 is normally aspirated, while the Turbo S has big, inter-cooled, twin turbochargers. Again, a lot of weight saved on the GT3, although the almost mind-blowing torque output from the Turbo S makes it boom out of tight corners. You must keep the revs high on the GT3 to get performance at low speeds.

    Generally speaking, the GT3 is lighter and more nimble, if you are truly a consummate rear-engine rear-wheel drive driver, while the Turbo S is about power, torque, and having all four wheels claw their way around the corners.

  21. Suffolk Punch Lawnmower says:

    The GT3 is not for everyday comfortable use, it is like a cardboard box comapared to the 911.